TBP028: 30 Email Marketing Power Tips For Bloggers (Part 2 of 3)

Any blogger looking to expand their reach, their audience, or their revenue... HAS to be doing email marketing. In this episode, David continues with part 2 of his series on rapid fire power tips for email marketing for bloggers. We talk about how to best build your list as well as what to DO with your list once they've subscribed. Each tip is something you can put to use to get results.

In this episode, we continue with part 2 of the series: 30 Email Marketing Power Tips For Bloggers.

If you didn’t catch episode #27, go back and listen to it so that you get tips 1-10.

In this episode of the show, I cover 11-20.

We’ll talk about…

  • The one thing you need to make sure you do on every email you send to your list.
  • The big mistake that way too many bloggers make with their email lists.
  • The ideal length for that email.
  • How you should format your emails to work best on mobile devices.
  • How many times to include a link in the email.
  • And more. After all, they’re 10 of them in this episode.

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  1. Hi David.

    I’m wondering about something. In my blog, the blog is event driven in that it promotes concerts and events going on in our area. I’m thinking we should include the link to the podcast inside the blog post which highlights events going on that week. Is there any particular reason you are separating your podcasts and blog posts. Shouldn’t they be tightly integrated? They seem to go on 2 different tracks.

  2. Hey David,

    Nice article, I enjoyed while reading your e-mail episodes but one thing could you please tell me
    “what The ideal length for that email ”
    “How you should format your emails to work best on mobile devices.”
    “How many times to include a link in the email.”

    These terms in details. So that it will help to my proper E-mail campign.

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