Hop Onto A Private, One-On-One Strategy Call With Me Anytime

Make your business… my business.

When you schedule a strategy session with me, we’ll get into a private Zoom meeting room and just hammer out whatever is on your mind. Our call will be up to an hour in length. Together we can…

  • Discuss tools and tech to work out the best solutions for your business
  • Put together a workable strategy that will give you direction
  • Take a hard look at where things stand and put together a concrete plan to alleviate constraints and meet your goals
  • Do a private walk-through or “over the shoulder” private training on tools

I like simple. And I’m not a pretentious prick who is going to charge you thousands of dollars to talk to me. I’m pretty good at what I do, but… come on.

So, consulting calls can be scheduled using credits. One credit equals one call up to 60 minutes. Credits can also interchangeably be used for technical service. The choice is your’s.

You can purchase those credits and have them on your account to use anytime. As long as you have at least one credit on your account, you will have automatic access to my scheduler and schedule right here on the website.

This flexible setup keeps things simple. Plus, some people like to use it for ongoing coaching, but without any forced schedule or recurring fees. How you want to use your credits is up to you.