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7 Strategies On Balancing Family Life, Online Business, And Working From Home

Last Updated on March 18, 2020  

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  • Wasim Ismail says:

    Have a good balance is extremely important or you can easily
    get burnt out, sometimes you just need a break . Hiring a VA is great, it may
    look like an expense, but the time you will save will be amazing, also it will
    give you time to actually work on the business
    rather than in your business.


  • Geoff Talbot says:

    I love this blog post David… We have just had our first child, he’s now 8 months old and he doesn’t sleep well (neither do we). I am learning to be flexible and to start and stop work when interruptions occur. A big thing for me is prioritizing, I am super prone to distractions too…. so the obstacles are making me more productive WHICH I figure will be a good discipline to have for the rest of my life!

    Thanks for giving such balanced advice…



  • David Coleman says:

    With 4 kids and a puppy in the house, I can definitely relate to this. Thanks for the helpful tips!


  • Michał Dorsz-Drożdż says:

    I work from home. Since I live with my girlfriend and her dog, my “office time” decreased probably 50%. It is hard for me because I actually enjoy working long hours. Those are 9 good tips, I’ll try to use them. Hiring VA is great but not easy. 


  • Some great tips David. Keeping a balance is always a challenge and I like the idea of being ‘ruthlessly clear’ on outcomes. I am single and have no kids at the moment, but I’m keen on starting one. So, these tips will definitely come in handy


    • David Risley says:

      Even without kids, that point is relevant. 🙂


  • Great list of tips. I find that when I do good to others then good things come my way, you will not notice it but you will be rewarded in due course. The busier you are with things that provide good outcomes for others the more you will prosper. An online business is a peoples business just like an offline business. You family commitments are a education in dealing with others, the family is a great learning curve of  understanding human nature. You can then apply what you learn to your business, may sound crazy but it does work.


  • Great stuff per usual, David. After going through your 30 day challenge I came away with a huge list of action items. I’ve made a lot of changes to my site already, but I’ll need these tips to start getting some of the bigger items done. 


  • Beth Parker says:

    You’ve got some great tips here. I’ve thought about hiring a VA but still haven’t done it. That’s something that would really help, if I can find the right person.


    • David Risley says:

      Just get going on it. I already work with 2 VAs, but I’m about to start looking for somebody else (probably overseas this time), and will probably talk some about my findings as I go here on the site. 🙂


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