Beyond Youtube, Where Else Should You Post Your Videos?

If you’ve wondered if you should be bothering to post your videos anywhere besides Youtube, this episode will answer that for you.

Episode #103 | Episode Date: August 1, 2015

No doubt that YouTube is the big kahuna when it comes to video marketing. IT is the biggest video site in the world, also the world’s second biggest search engine. You will no doubt be publishing any video you produce to YouTube.

But, where else should you put it? Is YouTube the only place to bother with?

In this episode, we look at the relative importance of some of the other video sites out there, such as Vimeo, Viddler, Veoh, DailyMotion, etc.

And where exactly does Facebook fall into the mix? Surprisingly well, actually.

If you’ve wondered if you should be bothering to post your videos anywhere besides YouTube, this episode will answer that for you.

Today is our last episode where we are going to be talking about YouTube here on our little traffic series. Okay? But today, we are actually going to mention it in the course of leaving it. We are going to actually talk about the world beyond YouTube.

Should we post our videos anywhere else besides YouTube?

No Doubt, It’s YouTube

Now, there is no doubt here that YouTube is the big kahuna. That is the big one that matters the most; there’s absolutely no doubt. So, for that reason, that is the main place that you should be posting your videos. And I will be honest, most of the rest of this episode is not quite as important as YouTube. And it is just the nature of the world that we are in. There are a lot of video views going on out there, for sure. It just so happens that YouTube is the big deal.

But it isn’t the only one out there, and there is another one that you have heard of for sure. It is a pretty important place to put your video and we are going to be talking about that here in a bit. But that being said, I want to remind you about the good old 80/20 rule. Now, why do I bring this up? Well, the 80/20 rule, once again is the idea that you get 80% of your results from 20% of your efforts. And so it seems like it would make a lot of sense to focus on those 20% things; those things that we could do to get us the most results for the least amount of work. And for us in the world of video, YouTube is that thing. If you only post your video to one place, it would most definitely be YouTube.

For example, most TVs out there today have YouTube built right in. I mean, we have got a Samsung TV here in our place; it is a smart TV as well. So we have got YouTube built-in to the television as an app, we also got it on the Apple TV, because we have an Apple TV as well, so you can watch YouTube all day long. We got it built-in to our Roku; yes, we have an Apple TV and Roku because I am a dork… That is just the way it is here. All these things have YouTube built right in. And many, many times I got into a little stance where I am just like watching YouTube. We actually don’t have Cable Television here in the house; we got rid of it a little less than a year ago, because we just determined that we didn’t want to support a lot of that crap, to be honest with you.

And the thing is, we don’t miss it one bit! We have got NetFlix and all that but we also got YouTube. There is so much really good content on there. There’s crap as well, that’s just the nature of it, but there is a lot of great stuff there. Now it is also built-in to our phones like there is no smartphone out there that doesn’t have YouTube built-in to it as a (generally) a dedicated app. And not only that, you can pull up YouTube on my phone; and I do this many, many times and you just airplay the darn thing to the television over the Apple TV. And so, all these to say that YouTube is just insanely convenient, it pretty much is you blink with it; it is everywhere these days and so you do definitely need to be there.

And so, where else should you go? What would be worth it from an 80/20 perspective?

Where Else, Beyond YouTube?


Well, this is the other big kahuna that we definitely want to pay attention to. Now, Facebook; it is a social network, yes. But it happens to be one hell of a big player in the world of video. It can drive a lot of video views. And in fact, if you got a decent sized Facebook presence, many people said they get a lot more views on Facebook than YouTube.

Now here is the thing about Facebook… You can embed YouTube videos over there but it is not as effective from the perspective of pure views as uploading that video directly to Facebook.com using Facebook’s internal system, okay? There are people that are just surfing around their phones, most people are going to Facebook everyday and people watch video. They watch a lot of videos right there on Facebook. Now because Facebook is primarily interested in themselves, (lol) because they are a private company; they would like to promote stuff and surface things that are using their system. And so for that reason, if you upload your video directly to Facebook you are going to get views there. And it could actually be that you get more views on Facebook than you do with YouTube.

You don’t need to make a different video. I obviously do not recommend that you do not do YouTube and you do only Facebook. That would be stupid! What you just simply do is upload the same exact video to YouTube and then turn around and upload that same file to Facebook. Now if you have got a Facebook presence already, you got a Facebook page and that type of thing, then this is going to work out a lot better for you.

Whereas, this is a totally beyond the scope of this particular episode, I am just going to mention the idea of “paid advertising” on Facebook. They have got one hell of an advertising platform over there. I have already said many times in this podcast, that we need to set up our sites in such a way where we can afford paid traffic because it is an extremely viable and profitable and direct way to get traffic to our sites. Now if you combine that paid traffic with Facebook videos, you have got some really, really powerful potential there… some really good potential to get some real marketing action off of those videos and probably in a lot more targeted fashion that you are going to have on YouTube all by itself. So Facebook, it is a big one.


iTunes can work out well for you depending on the type of content that you are doing. It is the idea of having a video podcast. Now, this isn’t for everybody. I can tell you right now that I am not personally doing a video podcast. But I do know a few people who are. What I had been told is that there is a lot less competition out there when it comes to video podcast. There is just simply not as many people doing them. And for that reason, they are getting pretty good engagement there.

Now in my opinion; not as good as a regular podcast, because it necessitates that the person actually sits there and watch it. So one of the big benefits of podcast is that we can consume that content while we are doing something else; driving, whatever. You can’t do that with videos. So that is definitely something to keep in mind. But that being said, it is a lot less competition and people are looking for that type of content than you can get your stuff out there as a video podcast. Now setting it up as a podcast like that would mean that it will be best if you have got some regularity to what you are doing.

So if you are just posting the random tutorial style thing, then, you know… YouTube would be a better game, Facebook maybe as well. But iTunes may not be the right fit for you. But if you are creating content regularly and you are actually following the same type of an episode based thing that you would probably do if you are doing a regular podcast, then surely you should do it as a video podcast as well in iTunes because it can only help you.

Let’s mention a few of the other players when it comes to online video. But I am going to mention them because they have some potential; generally they are not going to be as big of a deal as YouTube, okay? That is just the way that it is.


Vimeo is a great one because there is a lot of professional videos there. A lot of people who are doing some really very artistic, high production stuff on Vimeo. But you can also put your stuff on Vimeo and if you are high production… Great! Now what I personally use Vimeo for is not for public distribution of videos. It is more for my training content inside the Blog Monetization Lab and things like that. I actually have a pro account with Vimeo. I think I pay them a couple of hundred bucks a year for it. And I host my training videos and stuff using Vimeo. It allows me lots of control over the player, it doesn’t have to be branded as Vimeo. It is basically my own video system. And so that is what I am using Vimeo for but you can definitely make videos public over there. They do get ranked, just not quite as well as YouTube. And you can get some distribution over there, so definitely a place to keep in mind.

Daily Motion

I do not have a lot of commentary about Daily Motion at dailymotion.com but it is a big video site and it can get some legs to it.


Now Flickr is a service from Yahoo that is definitely most known for its images. It is an image sharing service. But you can put videos on Flickr as well and get some distribution there. Keep in mind, Flickr is also a social network very much like YouTube so you can get people interacting with your stuff over there and get some additional distribution. So you know, it might be a place that you want to look in to putting up your videos.

Bright Cove

Another company out there is called BrightCove. Now Bright Cove has some good quality content out there. A lot of it is more in line with real productions. But you can also put your own stuff up there as well.


I haven’t done much with this one but I have seen it out there. So you know, just something to keep in mind.


This one is a little bit better known but still not nearly as popular as YouTube. Viddler is out there, you can publish your videos there. Don’t expect miracles finding your videos on Viddler, okay? But it is a place.


It is a blog service and it is a very, very, very popular service actually. There are a lot of things happening on Tumblr. But they also have a built-in way of posting video and you can get some extra distribution there over your Tumblr blog. Okay? So something to keep in mind.


Now there are a lot of these services out there, I am not even going to mention the other ones because they probably get less traffic than some of these. But one service that you can check out that makes this a lot more convenient is called OneLoad.com. Now what this service does is will allow you to upload your video one time and then you can distribute it to multiple services from one place. So instead of having to take that video file and upload it 8 or 10 different places, you can do it all from inside of OneLoad. Pretty interesting resource; I think there’s some level of usage to it for free, I don’t remember what the cut off is, but then like any good company they do have some higher levels there that you can look into. But if you are just posting out occasional videos I am pretty sure that you can use oneload.com for free and make things a lot more convenient.

Now all these said and done, I want to again remind you of the 80/20 rule that we need to focus on those things where we get the most leverage. And for that, I would recommend YouTube for sure; that goes without saying, and then probably Facebook. Because Facebook, even though we don’t think of it as a video hosting service, it is a major player in web traffic. And there just happens to be a lot of video watching that takes place on Facebook.com. So if you put your videos on Facebook directly, not embedding your YouTube videos, but actually uploading directly to Facebook.com, you will get a pretty good chunk of views over there as well. So those are probably the big 2; YouTube and Facebook.

So that is where you should post your videos and we are thinking beyond YouTube here.

I want to, at the end, remind you about the Blog Monetization Lab. Now you have probably heard me talk about the Lab several times on this podcast. It is my main training community that I have set up. All these stuff that we talk about on this podcast; we go in to it more in depth with courses and action plans that are inside the lab. We have also got a very active community there. All people who are pursuing building up an online based business based around their blog. The cool thing is, there are actually a lot of listeners of this podcast who have come and they have joined the Blog Monetization Lab because they heard about it on this podcast. Now I also track that stuff but I also have many times, new members come and tell me straight up that they found me via the podcast.

So that is really, really cool and you can join other listeners of Coffee Break Blogging by joining the Lab. It is the perfect way to take what you are getting from this podcast and take it up to the next level because that is really my main delivery medium for my business. That is where I spend the most time, I am in there interacting with the community all the time, posting new stuff, and that is all inside the Blog Monetization Lab.

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