What Should You Do With Your Blog Homepage?

Chances are, YOU are completely dropping the ball with your blog homepage. Now, don’t take this personally or anything. It is just an odds thing….

  • Glen Craig says:

    Awesome stuff, thanks! I’ve been re-thinking my homepage and I’ve wanted to do some of what you discuss here. Thanks for the Global Content Blocks/Optin Skin suggestion.

  • Nick Ellison says:

    Great stuff onceagain David. Exactly what I wanted to do with mine but found that the optin box (generate theme) disappeared when switched over to full page. I’ve Sussed it now though and am on the case!! Full width lead generating page on its way! 🙂

    • David Risley says:

      Yeah, the Generate theme is often chosen by people who see that opt-in box and think that’s the only way to do it. But, in reality, you can add an opt-in to any of those child themes for Genesis. Almost all of their homepages are widgetized, which means you can throw an opt-in in there using a widget.

      You can also create a custom page template and add widget support to it. Of course, we’re getting a little geeky there, but Google always helps. 😉

      • nickellison202046236 says:

        haha yep a little to geeky there! I’ve nearly finished mine now, just some video to do. You;re right though, I chose it for that reason, even though I new I could drop homepage widgets in I quite liked other things about it too. To be honest the generate opt-in box was more difficult to make it play with aweber and to customize than if I’d of just dropped in the code! Oh well, life is for learning.

  • Siegfried says:

    Interesting, I need to check out this genesis framework…
    best regards!

  • Eric says:

    Hey Dave,

    First off, loving the new look for bma.
    I had a lot of this in mind when I started my site so I guess I’m going in the right direction.

    As for the theme, I actually am still looking at a few, including headway, genesis and elegant themes.

    I use a similar plug in called text replace. I believe it does the same thing or similar. Have you heard of it?

  • Meghan says:

    I LOVE blogs that look more like website homepages than the typical blog – a long list of posts, archives, and advertising. I want to see some direction and an idea as to why I want to start reading.

  • Brian R says:

    I was hoping to start seeing the Genesis tips/tricks creep into your posts.

    Thanks Dave!!

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