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Welcome to The Finisher’s Formula.

I’m putting this training here because this method of thinking can and should guide essentially everything you do as you grow your business. When you really get this nailed down, this stuff can:

  • Give you a good sense of order on what to do and when
  • Allow you to determine what factors are most responsible for things not growing, so that you can zero in on them.
  • Allow you to avoid that all-too-common sense of overwhelm and confusion that so often goes along with online business.
  • Make your attainment of goals very predictable, making it more a matter of “when” than “if”.

These techniques are extremely powerful, and I’ve watched them directly lead to the making of a few 7-figure businesses.

Ever got that feeling as if you’re working your butt off, but not much is changing?

In our world of blogging and online business, you may have felt…

  • You’re sending emails to your subscribers about some offer you have, but sales are low and you can’t figure it out.
  • You’re writing your face off for your blog, but traffic doesn’t seem to budge in the up direction.
  • You’re networking on social media until your fingers are about to fall off, but it doesn’t seem to reflect itself on ANY of your statistics.
  • OR… you’ve still barely gotten off the ground. Your blog, in your view, looks like crap. You THINK you’re writing decent content, but you have no idea if you’re the only one who thinks this. Frustration mounts.

Many people just give up. Others dig in. But usually it does result in a lot of frustration because things just simply don’t seem to be working.

We Have Ourselves A System Breakdown

Let’s take on a highly logical, almost engineer’s view of things for a moment…

Everything we do in our life and business is a SYSTEM. A system is nothing more than a series of steps which get done on some kind of input in order to get (hopefully) a predictable output.

Business System

Whether it is writing a blog post, combing your hair, making coffee… it is a system. Even if you never really thought of it that way. 

It is like a computer program. Hopefully you start the program, it executes and you get the output you wanted. When that doesn’t happen, you begin to look for the WHY.

Whenever we do not get the output we expect from any system, there can be said to be a CONSTRAINT. In fact, there could be more than one, but there is usually one constraint which is having the biggest impact on the system.

As the old saying goes…. the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

Which brings us to the Theory of Constraints. Often simply called TOC, it is a management system created by Eliyahu Goldratt. Through a series of processes, we can detect the right constraint to address and therefore correct any system.

Let’s Make Theory of Constraints SIMPLE

If you go out and research TOC on your own, it can quickly become a confusion. It can get quite academic and therefore tough to apply.

I realized how powerful this was, however. If large corporations are using it, surely those of us with smaller businesses can apply it, too.

So, I set out to create a training course to simplify Theory of Constraints and make it applicable for all of us. I break it down for you – as well as walk you through a series of TOC processes and techniques to help you find and alleviate what’s holding you back.