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Building Your Blog Traffic, Predictably And Reliably

You have probably noticed that getting traffic to your blog is hard! Am I right?

But, what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Will it take work? Yes. But, does it have to be this long, overwhelming, complicated slog that it is often thought to be? No, it does not.

The way most bloggers think about traffic, it seems almost impossible. Especially when you’re starting up from zero. We’re told we need to post a ton of blog posts, make videos, create a podcast, “engage” in social media, participate in groups, do blog commenting, guest posting, and…


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That’s a lot of dang work. And, for many, it just doesn’t work.

So, is that really it? Is this just a matter of throwing more time at the problem? Churning out more content? Building up social profiles?

Well, I say no. In fact, that is an old and archaic way of thinking. Now, I’m not saying those things won’t work. However, we need to be real about the situation here.

I asked my readers what their biggest questions were when it came to traffic. Some of the answers included:

  • How do you start off from zero? How do you build traffic from scratch?
  • What is a good rate of growth in your blog traffic?
  • Is there a certain traffic number that, once you reach it, it begins to grow organically?
  • Should you focus on paid traffic or just free SEO traffic?

What I’m going to lay out in this guide is a definitive traffic plan for your blog. I’m going to lay out a bunch of traffic building strategies, but more importantly, I’m going to give you an order of effectiveness and my thoughts as to what to do – and when.

You do not have to do everything here – and I hope to make that clear.

Traffic tactics without understanding are useless. It’s noise. But, once we have that base of understanding of the WHY behind it, you’ll be able to evaluate all the numerous traffic tactics you may come across out there and make the right decision for you.

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Traffic Generation: The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Blog Traffic, Predictably And Reliably

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