Issue #100

Sent to members on March 13, 2018

Look at that!

Today is the 100th issue of The Daily.

It started out as a grand experiment. I didn’t know what the impact would be. I didn’t know if I’d be able to keep up with it. I didn’t know whether anybody would care to hear from me that often.

This was back in October, if I recall. And here we are after 100 issues.

So, let’s take a little look at how it’s going…

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My intention for The Daily was always to make it voluntary opt-in. In other words, I do not assume that just because you come in via a lead magnet that you want to hear from me that often. One must take the specific step of opting into The Daily in order to get it.

People can opt into The Daily directly using this landing page. Also, when people come into the list from any number of sources, they are presented a one-click option to upgrade their subscription into The Daily. It is kind of an “upsell” of sorts, even though it is free.

As it sits right now, about 10% of my overall list gets The Daily.

Obviously, I’d like it to be higher. But then again, those of you who get this email every weekday are the most engaged of everybody. And that was always the intention. I know this email isn’t going to be desired by everybody and I’m OK with that.

In terms of how I do this thing every day, my original concern of not being able to keep up with it has been mostly unfounded.

Sure, some days, it’s harder than others. That’s fine. But, overall, I don’t find it too difficult to keep up. I’ve also given myself personal permission to skip an issue if I have to. For instance, I recently had to skip a couple because I was driving cross-country. In a few weeks, I’ll be in Paris for a week and I’m not going to be doing Dailies while I’m there. Perhaps I’ll pre-write some. We’ll see.

Many people also wonder… is it worth it for me? Have I seen any good results from doing The Daily?

Just the other day, I had a member consultation with a Lab member. He used to be a member quite awhile ago and he cancelled. It happens. But, then he re-joined and now I was on the phone with him. He told me that what led to him re-joining was The Daily.

I’ll admit, I’m not tracking every little thing from this email. Perhaps I should. But…

The trend on revenue into the Blog Marketing Academy has been on an uptrend. It has been increasing over time. And, sure enough, the trend seems to have really solidified at right around the time I began writing The Daily.

One could easily say this is correlation and not causation. But, it’s clear as day to me.

More communication is always better. It’s the RPF Triangle I talk about here:

What If You Emailed Your List Every Day? (A Different Look At Email Frequency)

So, I’m happy with how this is working out. The feedback has been great.

I’ll probably make additional changes to things as time goes on. I have some ideas for doing much more with Facebook Messenger and that will tie into The Daily. I have some ideas in mind to get more people subscribed.

As always, it remains an experiment. Everything is a test.

But, the original tests of (a) can I do it?, and (b) will it be worth it?…

… those tests have passed. After 100 issues, I can say that The Daily is one of my favorite things I do in my business.

My hope is that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy producing it. 🙂

– David

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