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Do You Have To Blog A Lot?

In 2016, I published only 41 blog posts to this blog. But, of those 41 posts, 12 of them were podcast episodes. So, that leaves me only 29 blog posts. Of those 29 posts, 7 of them were me updating and republishing a previously written post. So, in all of 2016, I only wrote 22 new blog posts.

Now, did my site traffic and revenue suffer because of this? Nope. Well, if you consider a 1.9% drop in traffic a deal killer, then I guess you might not like this.  When I compared my site traffic for 2016 to 2015, then my traffic dropped just 1.9%.

But, get this…

My revenue from my business actually went UP by 14%. And on top of that, I vacationed my butt off in 2016.  My family and I spent quite a bit of time traveling in the RV, especially over the summer.

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Camping in the middle of the evergreens in Maine

2016 was a great year. I blogged less and made more money. And I took a lot of time off.

It isn’t as if it stopped there. In 2018, my business revenue grew another 10%. This despite us traveling even more. We actually took the RV all the way out to the other coast.

Sitting in an RV campground on the Pacific in foggy San Francisco

But, my blogging strategy for 2018? 15 blog posts. Only a handful of them were original.

So, do you have to do a lot of blogging in order to make this kind of online business work? The answer is clearly NO.

To read how I do this, check out the newly revised post from the Blog Marketing Academy blog:
The Redwood Strategy: How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Blog With Strategic Repurposing (UPDATED)​

– David Risley

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