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Sent to members on May 3, 2021

Entrepreneurial ADHD – Solutions?

Distracted? Overwhelmed?

One of the most common responses last week when people told me WHY they wanted no more than weekly issues of THE EDGE was… they’re already overwhelmed.

Too many emails. Too many open browser tabs. Too many shiny objects.

And, dude… I know. 🤪

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But, you know, we do this to ourselves. And we’re in control.

A whole lot of people out there labeling themselves with ADHD and popping pills as if they’ve got some kind of disorder, but really… this is just more about bad habits in a world constantly trying to get your attention from all angles.

But, we’re in control.

This is a big part of why I’ve been re-evaluating some things with my own business and what I’m doing.

Because, like many, I have days where I walk into my office having SOOO much to do, yet don’t know where to begin. What to focus on.

My instinct here is to:

  1. Start kicking things to the curb and removing things.
  2. Simplify things.

For instance, we’re going to stop the office hours sessions in the LAB. This is part of simplifying things. Also, I was incurring a lot of expense to have those livesteaming systems available and only a tiny fraction of LAB members ever showed up. Probably because they’re too distracted. So, I’m just going to stop.

Be willing to buck the trend. To question assumptions. Just because you’ve been doing something for awhile means you have to keep doing it.

Overwhelm is simply too many moving parts in motion simultaneously. So, the first step is to start making things sit still. Or, in this case… just stop.

One thing I’ve realized (yet sometimes need to re-remind myself) is…

Real POWER comes with simplicity.

Simple businesses often work better. Higher profit margins. Less crap.

Simple blogs usually convert better than the visually busy ones.

Simple works.

Got 4 billion tabs open in your browser? That’s not simple. And most likely, most of those tabs are just sitting there as “somebody, maybe” tabs. Little bits of mental energy tied up with every single one of them.

Simplify. Close the tabs. If absolutely necessary, bookmark it for later. But, then close the tab.

Your inbox full of crap? Simplify. Delete.


Sitting there paralyzed in inaction because you don’t know which pathway to choose with some decision or business idea?

You know what to do. 🙂


More than likely, you’re making it too damn complicated, worrying about a bunch of fake stuff that doesn’t even matter.

So, simplify.

Yeah, sometimes this takes discipline. A bit of a cowboy attitude. A willingness to just make a decision and move on and stop screwin’ around.

Some of the most influential people in history might have been called simpletons.

So, I’m simplifying. As much as I can. The effort is constant. And that’s OK.

If the solution to overwhelm is to start having less moving parts and make things simple, then…

Start simplifying. Start questioning assumptions. And boil down to the basics yet again.

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