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Sent to members on November 29, 2021

Getting and Staying Motivated

We’ve all had those days. Weeks, even.

The ones where you are kinda spinning your wheels, but not a ton is getting done. Where you’re distracted. Daydreaming. Getting sidetracked on things that are more interesting than the things you just gotta do.

From time to time, all of us have issues with being motivated to work on the things that matter.

What do we do about it?

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I’d thought I would share a few tips. Tips that might seem unrelated, but definitely help when it comes to ensuring you’re operating in a state where production can actually happen. If anything, they are reminders. For me, too.

#1 – Getting Rid Of UNEARNED dopamine

Dopamine is sometimes called the “happy hormone”. Your body generates and releases it whenever you’re happy. Often there’s a feeling of reward, motivation, excitement, happiness.

Now, through most of man’s history, getting those hits of dopamine meant you need to accomplish something first. Something meaningful would happen and it results in happiness and, hence, dopamine.

Today, we are barraged with ways to trigger this dopamine response without actually earning it. Without anything meaningful actually occurring.

– Social media, where you just scroll endlessly looking for the next interesting thing.
– The moment you get that next text message, that next email…. and you interrupt everything to look at it because it might provide some temporary dopamine.
– Arguing politics on social media, checking news headlines
– Eating as a distraction or entertainment
– Drinking alcohol
– Watching online videos

You get the idea. These are all easy ways to get quick dopamine hits. And, we’re kinda hard-wired to seek out the shortest path to those dopamine hits.

The problem is… modern technology has made it SSOOOOOO easy to take that shortest path.

But, those dopamine hits are unearned. We didn’t earn it. We didn’t get that happiness by actually doing anything. We’re just… engaging in a modern drug.

So, one way to help restore your motivation is to start intentionally dropping out all those paths to UNEARNED dopamine hits.

Quit drinking. Quit wasting time on social media. Close your email. Turn off your phone (or at least silence it). One by one… get rid of all those distractions that are providing easy, useless paths to dopamine.

By doing this, you will “re-train” yourself to seek actual, meaningful ways to achieve that happiness.

#2 – Fix Your Digestion

When you eat like hell, it can really mess with your hormone balance. It can also rob you of energy because your body is diverting energy into digesting what you just did to it.

The absolute worse offenders are sugar products, processed foods, high-carb foods (like wheat and breads), alcohol.

Instead, you focus on veggies, protein and fats.

Maybe even throw in some probiotics. Depending on your situation, you may need some enzymes and/or bile salts.

Reduce inflammation by eating anti-inflammatory foods. Possibly even do intermittent fasting.

I’m not a nutritionist, so all I can say is to look into this for yourself. There’s a awesome Youtube channel by Dr. Eric Berg I would encourage you to look into. He does great stuff. Feel free to look at others, too. He just happens to be a dude I like.

But, your body derives fuel and energy from food when digestion is proper. You should feel energized… not groggy. Not low-energy after you eat.

Fix your digestion and you’re going to do wonders for your health… and your motivation and energy throughout the day.

#3 – Know Your Purpose And Natural Strength

When you remove those distractions up above, you need to fill the void by being able to work on something you like.

You want to feel a sense of fulfillment from what you are doing. Have a WHY behind it.

What were those moments in your life when you found you could do something for a LONG time and enjoy it? Where you lost track of the time because you were “in the zone” and truly enjoying what you were doing?

Scan for those times in your life and look at WHAT you were doing. And therein, look for your natural purpose and where you find fulfillment.

How can you design your life to do more of that… and less of the other stuff?

Once you remove all the blocks to your motivation… and can then re-aim toward the stuff that really matters to you…

Then, you’ll have way less problems getting motivated.

Tech Talk

I don’t know about you, but I was absolutely barraged with “Black Friday” promo emails the last week or so. I mean… this whole thing is getting downright ridiculous, at this point.

A few things of note…

Awesome Motive had a Black Friday deal that is a little misleading. They’re the guys behind OptinMonster, AffiliateWP, MonsterInsights and many others. They keep acquiring plugins, actually. The thing is… this company is pretty well known for having “always on” discounts that they act like is time-limited. And, their supposed Black Friday offer is the exact same discount as usual. Don’t get me wrong… their products are actually good. But, I’m not a fan of misleading discounts and they do it. All the time.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones doing this.

RankMath is my favorite SEO plugin, but their Cyber Monday special offer is exactly the same as their normal pricing.

Learndash offered a 50% discount, however their normal pricing is always discounted, too. Granted… not as much. But, it is another one of those cases where the “normal” price is just a red herring.

It is just one of those things to be aware of. A lot of times the normal price is just a price anchor that nobody actually pays. And sometimes… those “discounted” prices are just their normal price. And they use fake deadlines to drive sales.

On quite another note…. if you need yet another reason to never use Godaddy for web hosting… they recently had a pretty big hack. It affects about 1.2 million users of their WordPress hosting and the issue is that the breach provides access to plain-text passwords. And this affects other brands affiliated with Godaddy.

This is really quite stupid, honestly. Storing plain-text passwords in a database is just basic security 101 of “don’t do that”. It is just… stupid.

Godaddy is a piece of crap web host. I can’t emphasize that one enough, really. Cloudways is way better. My second choice would be Siteground.

Want a fancy video letting you know what’s coming up in WordPress 5.9? Watch this one. Looks like the block editor is getting into the ability to control the theme, too. While this doesn’t yet give something like Thrive Theme Builder a run for it’s money, it will probably get there. Interesting.

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