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Sent to members on July 16, 2018

How to directly influence your SEO without luck

We’ve been talking a lot about SEO in the last many issues of the Daily. And we’ve talked about a lot of various ranking factors and things to pay attention to in order to positively influence your search rankings.

But, in the end, SEO can feel a lot like luck.

It can feel a lot like you do things you’ve read can be helpful, but then you have to sit there and wait and hope Google notices. It can feel pretty frustrating because you don’t really know if it is going to work, no matter all the best practices you do.

However, there is something you can do and you can fully control. And it will positively impact your SEO.

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That’s using paid traffic.

Things like Facebook Ads, promoted tweets, etc.

Because, let’s look at a few of the things you can directly impact that are rankings factors:

  • Social Shares. We discussed how social shares are a ranking factor. The more shares, the better. Well, when you pay to boost a post on social, you will get more organic shares as a result.
  • Backlinks. If you’ve done a good job with your post, then people will want to link to it. Well, paying to boost the post exposes it to more people, who are then more likely to link to it.
  • Domain Power. We didn’t discuss this one much, but domains get a certain amount of “juice” from age and longevity. You are directly adding more “fuel” to your domain the more you get it out there.
  • Brand recognition. If more people are seeing your brand as you pay to boost your stuff out there, that recognition translates into more user behavior and more juice from the Googs.

So, the motto is this…

You can take your own traffic destiny in your hands by implementing paid traffic campaigns. Even basic ones.

Even something as simple as boosting a blog post on Facebook to our target audience can have a nice impact on your traffic in the short-term, but also your SEO in the long term.

It doesn’t require any luck.

It doesn’t require any waiting around.

It only requires one thing…

The willingness to do it.

In terms of Facebook, I’ve got ya covered with the Lab course: The Facebook Ads Blueprint.

We also talk specifically about how to combine this with your redwood posts in the Expanded Redwood Strategy.

– David

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