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Sent to members on July 18, 2019

Is Lack Of Traffic The Problem?

You’ve got that blog. You’ve got that beautiful lead magnet. Or you’ve got some offer that they could buy.

If only more people knew about it!

Am I right?

If only more people were aware of what you’re doing, everything would be just fine. At least that’s how it usually seems.

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But, truth is often different.

Most of the time, lack of awareness isn’t really the big issue.

I’ve talked to my share of blog owners who are getting traffic of maybe 300… 400… 500… maybe 1,000 visitors per month. And, here’s what they usually say…

“My traffic is super small. I need to get more traffic. How do I get more traffic?”

They think it is an awareness problem.

I’ve said this before, but if you imagine that many people in a room, would you still think it was small? Let’s say your site only gets 300 visitors per month. Yes, in internet terms, that’s on the low side. But, have you ever been in a room with 300 people? Ever seen on a stage in front of that many people? 300 people is actually a lot of people.

So, I submit to you that…

Most of our projects don’t really have an awareness problem.

They have an ACTION problem.

It isn’t that not enough people know about you. It is that the people who DO know about you don’t take action.

They don’t share your posts.

They don’t opt in.

They don’t buy.

Perhaps the answer isn’t to focus more on increasing awareness. But instead to focus on how to get people to take action.

Get them to DO more more.

Yes, it’s harder.

That means you have to actually spend more time focusing on what you are delivering, how you create it, and truly delivering what is needed and wanted.

You need to focus on the change – the transformation – that you seek to deliver.

But, it works better that way.

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