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Banning Maybe

Have you ever found yourself caught in an endless rat-wheel of indecision? The kind that just paralyzes you and nothing happens?

It is a rat-wheel. You just sit there and spin, but you go absolutely nowhere.

There are three options to any decision or action in life:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe

There are only two answers you should ever accept in yourself: YES or NO.

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“Maybe” is dangerous. It hangs you up. It leads to inaction. It leads to confusion. It leads to overwhelm. Habitual indecision is not a good thing no matter how you slice it.

If you look at any successful leader, they have one thing in common: They made decisions. They did it quickly, and they didn’t look back.

Some mental incompetents look at people who do that and call it simple-minded, unpolished, unsophisticated. They couldn’t be more wrong. Power lies in simplicity. Complexity is the result of doing something wrong. The worse leaders are the ones who get stuck in figure-figure mode, second-guess, make decisions slowly.

How can you apply this in daily life?

  • When you open an email, make a decision on what to do with it. If more data is needed, move the email to a different folder then schedule time to deal with it decisively. If you can handle the email right away, do so and then delete it. Don’t let a bunch of indecision pile up in your email inbox.
  • Got an idea for a new blog? A post? A strategy or tactic? Well, make a point to take action on it or decide to forget about it. Yes or no. A bunch of maybe’s just clog your mental pipes and nothing will happen.

You should be brutal about this, my friends.

Life could be viewed like an assembly line of decisions. Yes or no keeps the belt moving. Getting stuck in a maybe stops the progression.

If you find yourself stuck in a “maybe” rat-wheel, then determine exactly what information you need in order to resolve the maybe. Then, go get that information and bring the matter to a close. If you simply can’t decide, then just say “no” and move on with your life. Any decision is better than none.

You want more time? You want more mental clarity? Apply this advice to your life.

Do you agree with me?


– David

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