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Sent to members on July 31, 2018

Overpriced offers and scams

I got an email the other day – and yes, I am still fielding emails from everybody while I’m traveling around the country. 🙂

Anyway, he had mentioned this “done for you” offer from some guru he was listening to. The bullet points are these:

  • They’d essentially build your business for you, from the sounds of it.
  • It would cost 12 payments of 1,800 British pound sterling. Over $28,000 USD over a year.
  • The goal of this “system” would be to generate over 100k in your first year.

Now, I don’t know all the specifics, but….

28 freakin thousand dollars! Wowza!

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Here’s the thing…

It isn’t really just about the money. It is about the promise.

Nobody… I don’t care how “guru” they are… could possibly sit there and guarantee you’ll make $100k in your first year. In fact, it just rings straight up SCAM to even make such a promise.

Such an offer is designed to extract a poop-ton of money from people who are just chasing business opportunities but have no idea how to do it…. or are just plain lazy. People who seek bizop don’t really have what it takes to build a real business. They want shortcuts. Providing value isn’t really top of mind…. it is just about making money.

Thing is… these “gurus” know that. And they will make their bizop offer seem like the best thing ever.

But… if they were so great at it that they could build these things on cue and make $100k in a year…. don’t you think they’d be doing THAT rather than charging YOU $28k to build it for you? Of course they would!

No, they make their money extracting YOUR money. That’s their funnel.

Look, I’m not saying that all high-ticket offers are BS. Clearly, that wouldn’t be true.

But, in the “online marketing” world, the BS factor is higher than most. It just is what it is.

You have no idea how many horror stories I’ve heard from people who have paid serious chunks of money and walked out disappointed in the whole thing. I’ve seen many stories of people paying $1,500 or more PER MONTH for coaching… only to walk out feeling like they got little in return other than some time on the phone with the “guru”. And when it doesn’t work out, usually you’re the one blamed. You didn’t have what it takes… or you’re lazy. That’s what they’ll say. But, you won’t get your money back. That’s not how it works.

This is why I structure my Lab Platinum program the way I do. I price it the way I do… and I am accessible to help, but I don’t make guarantees or promises. Because, I don’t like to lie and make promises I can’t keep.

Anyway… none of this is likely stuff you’re unaware of. I’m bettin’ most of you are naturally skeptical of such things… especially at those super high price points.

Just keep your eyes wide open, is all I’m sayin’.

Being expensive doesn’t make it scammy. But, those kinds of promises certainly do. At least for me.

Online businesses must provide value to people who need it. And it has to be based on something real you can provide. It isn’t some “system” some guru sets up that makes that foundation. They can set up some pages for you, but that’s not the business. And if you’re confusing the two together, many of these guys are taking advantage of that lack of knowledge to convince you to give them gobs of money.

Look for the honest folks who make realistic promises.

– David

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