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Sent to members on September 5, 2019

Posting Food Recipes To Your Blog. Does It Work?

So, here’s something I’ve seen out there on blogs many times that I wanted to say a few words about…

It is posting recipes.

As in, things you can cook.

This is very common in the health market, weight loss, natural health, you name it. And you see a lot of people posting these things on their blogs and the headline is fairly non-interesting. Just the name of the food, usually.

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Now, in a lot of cases, these things are posted because you really don’t know what else to post. And I get that. However…

We also need to be real about this. When you go out there and look for recipes, there are a TON of them. I don’t care what diet you’re on, you can find more recipes out there than you’ll ever need for the rest of your life. There are numerous entire websites dedicated to it.

And so, where does that leave you?

Not in a good place, honestly.

The world of cooking recipes, regardless of the motivation behind it, is highly inflated. There is just so much supply that the value of it is very low. The sites that get traffic doing this are either the really big, established sites or the bloggers that just knock it out of the park and work social media (like Pinterest) like absolute crazy.

In other words, if you’re not willing to make your business pretty much your entire lifestyle and do it for awhile before you see much return, then recipes as a content strategy isn’t the best idea.

And what I notice is that many post recipes because they don’t know what else to post, yet they feel like they must post something. And, again, this won’t work. Just gotta keep it real.

So, what do you do then?

In these really tough markets, you’ve got to be willing to really bring your A-game to the table. These are really great markets, and they’re crowded for a reason. It’s just that you can’t come into this and half-ass it.

So, you’ve basically got a couple ways to go here…

One is to give it an honest assessment about just how committed you are to this. And, if needed, simply decide to go another way. I’d be lying if I said everybody could make it as a content marketer.

The second option is more palatable, perhaps, but still a lot of work.

That is to do the dirty work to really decide what your BRAND will be, the message and transformation you want to serve, then you get busy really figuring out how to SERVE them.

And in the process, realize that people who do well in this niche do build up brands. They build something much bigger than some articles, some funnels, and some recipes. They build a BRAND and they build a community – and audience – that is just as much about the value they get as they are about just bonding with YOU. Your vibe, your look, and your personality.

When you’e out there being a personality and a brand who also offers to create real value, then it is hard to compete with you. There’s only one YOU.

Are you willing to get out there and personify what your market needs and wants? Are you willing to take a stand and put yourself out there?

If not, it’ll be tough to make a dent in those really busy markets.

You can rely on paid ads if you like, however you will need to have a good converting offer to pay for it. And ads in that space will cost more than many other markets because of that high demand.

So, instead of posting recipes and crossing your fingers, instead realize it will take more than that.

A real brand, taking a stand, being interested and interestED in your market, and being very personable. Combine that with useful content that is centered around a real transformation or a movement with you as the figurehead.

Those markets just aren’t ones where you can dabble in it and hide behind your computer. Not gonna happen that way.

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