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Sent to members on October 12, 2017

Rewards and sushi

Last Friday, I went out by myself for a sushi lunch.

It was one of those all you can eat sushi places. Not a buffet. They have an actual menu and you can just order from it as much as you want until you basically grow gills.

Sushi is kinda my favorite food. I even roll my own from time to time at home. Anyway…

This last Friday, it was just a little reward to myself. I had a good week. Stats were up, I had accomplished alot. It was a good week all around.

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And I decided to reward myself by going out for a sushi lunch in the middle of the work day. Just cuz I can. 🙂

Do you ever reward yourself for getting something cool done or getting something accomplished?

You should.

Yesterday, I talked about trying to go after those “crack hits”. But, it was the useless, empty kinds of hits. The ones where you are blindly searching for something exciting and you just end up wasting a ton of time doing it. Like the people wasting away at the Vegas slot machine drinking beer at 5AM with a cigarette on the tip of their lips. Constantly in search of that winning combo on the slot, but they keep pulling that lever. The house always wins.

Well, there’s also the good kind of reward. The kind you get after a job well done.

Probably the same reason why a kid doesn’t usually value the stuff they were given as much as the stuff they worked hard for.

I’m not going to go out for sushi if things aren’t going well. Or if I didn’t complete what I set out to do. Instead, I set it up for the end of the week after I had had a good week.

How you reward yourself for real progress and things accomplished is up to you. It doesn’t have to be anything big.

Could be a meal out. Could be taking the afternoon off to play video games. To go outside and do something. Whatever floats your boat! 🙂

But, it is helpful.

What have you gotten accomplished this week so far? What WILL you get accomplished by Friday? What about next Friday?

And then…

How will you reward yourself for your hard work?

See ya tomorrow. 🙂

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