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Sent to members on March 9, 2020

Something On My Mind Today…

I want to start out today’s article with something I wrote back at the end of 2014. And then I have some further thoughts I want to share with you about it. Because, it has been on my mind.

Here we go…

I think 2014 is going to go into my life’s history book as the year of a reawakening. And what I woke up to is this…

We are born to CREATE. It is what we do. And the moment you stop creating is the moment you start dying.

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What is clear to me is that I reached a point in my entrepreneurial life where I had lost sight of WHY I was doing this. I lost that “spark”. And I wasn’t CREATING anymore. I wasn’t actually creating any kind of future, but instead I was just kinda living. I think most of the world lives this way, but it certainly isn’t the way I want to be.

That’s what burnout for an entrepreneur looks like. And I don’t want any part of it anymore. It is just a recipe for mediocrity.

The good news is that all that is required to change something like that is a change of mind. There are those who believe that your past dictates your future. To be blunt, they’re full of shit. The world bends to our will… the problem is most of us aren’t exercising our will. So the result is that life just happens.

The solution is to CREATE. To actively CREATE what we want. And, as an entrepreneur, I need to spend as much time in that creative mode as I possibly can. For much of 2014, I allowed myself to not exist in that space. I had gotten too concentrated on the next task, the next thing to check off my list.

OK, we’re back. Right here in 2020. 🙂

And I realize that I am speaking to myself with my own words from 2014. Because I have noticed that same attitude starting to creep in again. Hell… it has been there for a little while.

Have you ever felt like, instead of purposely and consciously CREATING the outcomes that you want in your life, that you instead get into a rhythm of putting one foot in front of the other, doing the routine, and kinda getting into a rut?

I bet you have. Because, we’re all human.

At the core, each of us are artists. Artists of our own life. Our life is a canvas. Our business is a canvas. Our employment situation, family life… all of it… all of it is a canvas. And, what are we painting on that canvas?

Are we letting it paint itself? Are we just letting paint splatter all over it and turn into a mess? Or…

Are we envisioning the scene we want to create. Then, taking our tools… and creating it as best as we can?

We might not all be great painters. Hell, I’m not! 🙂 But, at least, when there is an INTENTION there, things will tend to go in the direction we want. Even a bad painter is going to create something better and more beautiful than a canvas where the paint just randomly scattered. Or worse… stays blank because nothing happened and nobody tried.

The world is constantly trying to define our canvas for us. It is trying really, REALLY hard to control your attention, to tell you what to think, to control what you do. If you pay much attention to social media, TV, or any of that… your attention is being controlled. And not for the better.

I don’t care if it is about economic news. People we’re being told to hate. Or coronavirus. Right now, the world is full of noise that is trying (intentionally, in my view) to turn you into an effect rather than a cause. To have you hot, bothered and distracted. And all of it to distract you from your life’s canvas.

You’re the painter of your life’s canvas.

What are YOU creating? What are your actions creating? Be honest.

I can tell you one little example… but it is kinda easy right now to get stuck in a social media or news whirlwind of hype over current world events. And you can think what you want of it, but ask yourself the HONEST question… is your action in the here and now to allow your attention to get sucked into that helping or hurting you? Is it helping create the outcomes you want? Or is it making you feel like the effect?

We can all control what we pay attention to.

Personally, I’d rather be creating. Creating something awesome. And, that’s something I am thinking strongly about today. And that’s why I share it with you. 🙂

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