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Sent to members on October 4, 2021

The Art Of Being Repetitive

I watch financial videos on Youtube sometimes. And one dude I’ve watched many times is Robert Kiyosaki. He’s the “rich dad poor dad” guy.

One thing I’ve noticed about him is that he repeats the same things over and over again. He repeats the brand. He’s a marine. The story of his two dads. He’s rich and will benefit from economic crashes. Gold, silver, Bitcoin. Yada yada.

He’s like a broken record, really. But, one thing you always know with that guy is what he stands for. And he keeps putting out the same basic message. Over and over again.

Whether it is on his own show or when appearing as a guest on another show, he says the same basic things. With the same grin on his face.

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There are 2 points here I want to make about being repetitive…

When you’re out there doing content marketing, you’re eventually going to get struck with a feeling…

“I keep saying the same thing over and over again.”

Trust me, it happens. In fact, it can even make you grow a little weary. If you’re not careful, you can begin to wonder whether anybody is listening. Whether they’re seeing your content. Whether what you’re doing is making an impact.

But, all that is just you having tunnel vision.

I’ve struggled with it. I’ve wondered before if I needed to bother saying something again. “But, I already wrote about that”, I said.

But, that’s me being stupid. Today, I don’t think about it anymore.

Sure, from my perspective, I talk about the same things repetitively. Some of the basics, I feel like I’m a broken record sometimes.

But, this goes with the territory. The basics are the basics… and the basics bear repeating. Not only that, but while I might think I keep saying it over and over, most readers don’t know that.

I mean, we all have to take a slice of humble pie here. 😉 We pay attention to ourselves all the time, but the people on our blog… don’t. They’ve got their own things going on. They’re asking questions of the things they are wondering about. So, you answer them even if you’ve said it a thousand times before.

It is new and relevant to them… even if it isn’t for you.

Now, are there some ways to simplify it and systematize it? Yes.

Perhaps write a blog post that answers those questions and simply link to it in an email.

Perhaps set up an FAQ that answers common questions.

Those things can help. But, the point I’m making today is simple…

Don’t ever make THEM feel as if you are bored with being repetitive. It is new to them. Answer them anew… every time.

Being repetitive and answering common questions over and over again is part of being an authority.

You will be – and should be – repeating yourself often in your content, your social media posts, and your emails.

The other side of this is what I noticed about Kiyosaki…

When he repeats himself over and over again, he is doing an excellent job of branding himself.

When I think of that guy, I think of certain key bullet points. Immediately. I don’t have to spend any time remembering what that dude is all about.

Some of those points are about him and his past… as a way to be remembered. And I would think it works.

Others of those points are core basics that he wants his audience to remember and act upon. And he says them often and repetitively.

It is effective.

So, once again…

Let us not get tunnel vision about our own repetitiveness.

When you’re doing this whole content thing right, you WILL be saying the same basic things over and over again.

IF you’re strategic about it, you’ll put a little thought into what those things are that you keep saying over and over. Because, if they’re a little different and a little memorable, you accomplish two things…

You make yourself memorable and you get your core points across.

Tech Talk

As I mentioned above, I spent quite a bit of time pushing forward on the transition of my email list from Drip to FluentCRM. This has been a project I was dreading, frankly. Switching email systems (especially marketing automation platforms) isn’t exactly done for entertainment purposes.

I will be following up with a full tale of the in’s and out’s of making this switch. But, FluentCRM has performed admirably so far.

Also, if you would like to pick up your own license to FluentCRM, it is currently on sale as part of their 1-year anniversary. You can lock it in for 40% less than normal. And I will say, it is highly worth it.

While there are some things I think they need to add (and I’ve told them), for being only 1 year old, FluentCRM is amazing.

Another service I thought I’d pass along, if you’re interested, is ZeroBounce. As I migrated over to FluentCRM, I had several thousand subscriber profiles that were not on my old email list but had member profiles from various things in the past. ZeroBounce helped me screen out invalid email addresses, spam catch-all accounts, and other things. This allows me to remove them without having to email them and potentially hurt my sender reputation.

It is super important to keep a clean list. I’m even making a change to how new members are onboarded here just for that purpose. But, for lists you already have, something like ZeroBounce is worth it to screen out bad email addresses from old email lists.

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