Should You Always Offer A Freebie To Build Your Email List?

Do you always need to give away something for free to get people to join your email list? Perhaps not. We talk about that in this video, as well as a tactic you can use to get more BUYERS on your email list.

Should You Always Offer A Freebie To Build Your Email List?

Do you always need to give away something for free to get people to join your email list? Perhaps not. We talk about that in this video, as well as a tactic you can use to get more BUYERS on your email list.


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Hello there! In this video we are going to talk about building your list. And specifically, do you always need to give something away to get people to join your list?

Let’s talk about that here in a minute.

Hey there… 🙂

So, I know that when it comes to building your list, the most common tactic out there is to give something away; whether it’s a free eBook, a webinar, a video, something like that. And you say, “Here, get this free thing opt-in to my list and you’ll receive it”. It’s very, very common; I do it myself.

But here’s the thing… do you need that? Or are you doing it because you see everybody doing it?

Now first of all, let’s talk about how well it works. Obviously, it does work because if it didn’t work, everybody wouldn’t be doing it.

You know, giving something away to somebody who is going to want it will get people on your list. Now here’s the thing, the KEY there is “something that people are going to want”.

A lot of people get a little disabused here because they make something that they think is cool then throw it out there and very few people opt-in for it.

And usually, the reason there is simple. You didn’t really nail it in terms of getting something that they truly want that stands out from the crowd.

So, the best way to go there is, really, to give them an immediate solution to a problem that they’ve got. Not to try to give them some big thing; some big theoretical 40 page free eBook and try to blow them away with size because that’s not really what people want these days.

We are full of information these days. We don’t need necessarily more information but what we do lack sometimes, is an immediate, clear solution to what we want to solve. So if we provide that, people will opt-in for it.

Now let’s go back to this thing here… “Do you really need to give something away?” No, you don’t.

Here’s the thing, you need to give people a reason to get in to your list but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a freebie. In fact, there’s definitely an argument to be made in saying that if you train your subscribers to always expect something free to get into your list, then you are going to attract a group of people who are primarily seeking free things. And from a business perspective, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

From a business perspective it’s actually much, much better to have people on your list who have bought something. Okay?

So here is a way that you can go about doing that. This thing that you were looking to give away; whatever, increase the value of it, make it a really, really valuable thing. Solve a problem for them and then have it as a product to sell.

But here’s the thing; here’s the bird’s eye view… if you have small, low-end, front-end type products that people can buy those and then they get on to your list as buyers. And then once they bought something (even if it’s just a buck) they are much better qualified person from a business perspective than somebody who has opted-in for a freebie.

Now you might be asking yourself, “What if I have a hard time selling this thing?”

So, here’s a way to go that may very well work for you. Have a product out there, assign it a price… and then what you do is you can go and partner with other people and email other people that have lists that have preferably buyers list in and of themselves and say, “Hey, I’d like to offer this thing that I usually sell for $30 (or what have you) and I like to offer this to your audience for free. Here’s a coupon code”.

And basically, you build up the relationship with them and you say, “Here, I’d like to offer this, it’s totally your call but if you want to do that here’s a coupon code and you can get it for $0 rather than $30 (or whatever you’re charging for it)”. They go in and enter the coupon code and they get the thing. But here’s the thing; they automatically raised the value of that thing you are giving them because they see clearly that it usually have a price tag associated with it but they just got it for free.

It’s a different mindset. You could, also – depending on the type of list and the types of people you partner with, you can actually get buyers on to your list even though they haven’t bought anything specifically from you. Okay?

So you got to think outside the box a little bit. Think a little bit long term. It isn’t all about “Here’s my eBook, please opt-in” and then, what? That’s what most bloggers are doing.

You’ve got to think a little bit more strategically. And preferably, you want to think about ways you can get qualified prospects, people who have bought things before, people who are looking to solve particular problems and get those people on to your list.

Not every email subscriber is equal, quite frankly. Sometimes, people are there just to “take” from you, and that’s it. And I love those people, except that I have a business to run and I’ve got to make money so I keep doing all these and support my family. And you’re probably on the same boat.

So at the end of the day, business does have to take place. And you’ve got to look out for that, as well.

Okay, that’s my thought for the day. I will see you next week on the video blog.

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