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CBB153: How To Set Up An Evergreen Recurring Webinar

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In this episode, we get into specifics on how to set up an evergreen webinar. This one is chocked full of tips and advice on how to properly set up an evergreen recurring webinar.

We’ll be discussing:

– Tips for the presentation of your webinar for recurring use
– How to set the schedule of your evergreen webinar
– How to set up the registration landing page (and how I personally do it)
– How to set up the video recording itself so it plays properly
– How to handle the questions, chat, and the fake attendee list
– Setting up the pre-event and post-event emails
– What happens AFTER the event is over
– Tips for how to present the offer on your webinar

This is a highly tactical episode, going into a lot of the internal details of running a webinar on automatic so that it is literally going 24/7.

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