A strategy to help you NAIL your lead magnet

This week we’ve been talking about lead magnets. And, the last few issues were a wee bit long. I know this is email and I try not to make them too long of a read, but sometimes it just takes what it takes. 🙂

Today, we’ll keep it shorter. But, applicable.

So, we’ve talked about the 7 criteria for an effective lead magnet… and yesterday I gave some examples. One thing I hope came across yesterday is my thought process for those lead magnets.

See, it helps that I was coming up with lead magnet ideas for niches that I don’t know much about. I talked about fitness, personal development, dating… even politics. None of those are areas I’ve ever done a blog in.

But, that helps me have an outside viewpoint. I don’t limit myself by what I think I can make. Instead, I think just about the market and what I think would work.

This is something I highly recommend that you do.

  1. Start with coming up with lead magnets you think will work.
  2. THEN figure out how to make it.

Your lead magnet idea should never start with you. It should never start with what you feel like making. It should start SQUARELY with the person you are looking to attract. What would THEY most value? Then, you figure out how to make it.

Your lead magnet has to be a hook. It has to reach out to people who see it and make them want it. It has to tickle their pain points. They couldn’t care less about YOU. They care about themselves. So, you need to get up there into their reality, see things from their viewpoint, and then determine what would get their attention as a lead magnet.

How can you make your lead magnet most relevant to your audience? How can you make it more valuable?

For my market (you guys), I always prefer to use checklists, worksheets, templates, etc. Because, you don’t need a damn ebook! You guys read plenty. Every “blogging guru” is creating content out the wazoo for you to gorge yourself with. But, immediately applicable templates or checklists are something you can use right away.

So, niche by niche, market by market… you just really understand what THEY want. And you give it to them in a format suitable for a lead magnet.

Crafts niche? Create a downloadable template they can use.

Homeschooling? How about a lesson plan for the week. Print and use.

RV Camping? How about a checklist they can print and use on how to evaluate a used motorhome before they buy it. (I actually created this one and it converted like gangbusters).

But, the big picture is this….

  1. Come up with the idea without any thoughts about you. It is only about what THEY will want.
  2. Then, find a way to make it.

You’ll create much better lead magnets this way. This is marketing, not writing.

– David