Issue #37

Breakdown of my recent mini ad campaign on Facebook

So, doing a little post-event analysis on my recent marketing campaign to end off lifetime memberships for The Lab. And there’s one thing I did that worked out really well.

Now, this isn’t some secret tactic I came up with. Not even remotely. I mean, unless you’ve been living under a bridge for awhile, this isn’t new to you. But, perhaps it’ll serve as a little reminder for some 101-level marketing. 🙂

The main driver of sales for this campaign was my email list and a small little Facebook Ad campaign.

That ad campaign ran for 4 days. It cost me only $90.79. I was running it only on a retargeting basis to anybody who had visited the Blog Marketing Academy in the last 90 days or so. So, the campaign was super cheap.

It resulted in 5 conversions. Average cost per conversion of $18.16.

Considering even just one payment of the payment plan was $39, that’s an easy ROI. The upfront option was $395, so that’s even better. 🙂

Here’s the ad…


I mean, it’s just stupidly simple. Took me maybe 10 minutes to set it up.

The interesting thing, too, was that I didn’t exempt existing Lab members from it. So, I even had a few current members chime in with a comment on the ad which served as nice social proof. I didn’t arrange that. Just sorta happened. 🙂

So anyway, nothing about this is rocket science. This is just 101-level Facebook advertising. Here’s the 2 big takeaways from this:

  1. Running a retargeting ad to a time-limited offer is just low hanging fruit and it’s dumb not to do that.
  2. Coupling that with a simultaneous email campaign is a good duo.

If you don’t yet have the Facebook Pixel set up on your site, I would recommend you do that ASAP. Even if you don’t plan to run an ad right now, set it up anyway because you will begin to “collect” those people into a custom audience that you can run an ad to later.

And of course, if this whole subject just confuses the snot out of you, we’ve got the Facebook Ads Blueprint which can help with that. Lab members have automatic access to it, or you can enroll in it separately if you like.

Either way, I encourage you to dabble in Facebook advertising, if you’re not already. As I’ve said before, the days of being able to rely exclusively on free traffic are kinda over. Plus, as you can see, if you play it right, you’re just leaving money on the table not to use paid ads.

– David

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