The Circles Of Life – Which Are You On?

We all choose our own path in life.

Often, that path becomes rather self-fulfilling. It doesn’t really feel as if we’ve chosen it anymore. But, if you peel back all the layers and all of the bullcrap, you realize you ARE in the driver seat the entire time.

Usually, when people come to me, it is because they have an online business project in the works. They want to build or grow their membership site or blog. So, they’re looking forward. But, truth is, a lot of people end up falling off the wagon.

To me, it comes down to which circle of life you’re traveling.

The way I see it, there are 2 circles.

The Circle Most People Are On

Most people live in a frame of mind which is not conducive to success. Their thoughts and the thoughts they allow into their heads from others literally forbid success.

Such a mindset actually attracts failure. It can lead people to seek the company of others who are failing. They might revel in the failure of others. These are the people who will chastise people who find success, who think they were successful because they did it on the backs of other people.

You know this type. They exist everywhere.

These people live inside the above circle. They live in a world of anger and fear. As a result, their actions are wasteful and don’t really accomplish anything. This leads to frustration.

Then, they just want an escape from their own lives. To find that escape, they fall to the news and other TV shows. Well, the news propagates fear and anger with all their talk of controversy, murder, sickness and death. Which then breeds more frustration and anger. TV shows create escape, but also often result in altered views of reality or rabid consumerism because you’re trained to think your life isn’t good enough and the way to solve it is to buy some company’s crap.

And so the circle continues…. over and over and over again. Until you die.

The Circle Of Success

There is another way. And this circle is one which is entered by DECISION. It is not something you arrive at by the luck of the draw. You actually DECIDE to flip the bird at the other circle.

There are fewer people on this circle. It is the road less traveled. However, the world rides on the backs of people on this circle, whether the people on the other circle want to admit it or not.

This circle breeds success. At the core is doing the right actions. Doing things which help others and which does the greatest good for the great number. It means doing ethical actions. It means working toward accomplishing positive goals.

This, in turn, brings on an expectation of positive outcomes. You may have noticed that people on this circle don’t expect failure. They operate on the assumption that they will succeed. Even when they fail, they take the positive from it and apply it to their next endeavor. This breeds working on the right things and not wasting time on negative things. This, lastly, brings on positive results which then encourages more positive actions. It is a lot easier to expect success when you actually see good results, is it not?

And so this circle continues. It breeds success.

Choose Your Circle

Success in life comes from a mindset of success. And that mindset comes from a DECISION. You either decide to walk the path of success or you decide not to.

Since this is a blog about finding success online in a business sense, know that walking on the right circle comes first. You can digest all the strategies and tactics of blogging or online marketing in the world and it won’t make any difference at all if you don’t bring the right mindset. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen people get internet marketing courses and never use them. They were on the wrong circle. They were using that course as an ESCAPE and not a RIGHT ACTION. They didn’t apply it. They engaged in wasteful actions.

Saying it is a decision might not ring true to many. It might seem as if the circle chooses you and not the other way around. If you see it that way, then step it down a notch and let’s look at what actions you can take control of right now.

Perhaps not watch the news? Turn off the social media garbage? There’s a start.