As you install more plugins to your site, your block editor for editing content can get weighed down. And it ends up taking awhile to load up the editor just to write a blog post.

The problem is that a lot of plugins are adding blocks and/or panels on the right side.

Much of the time, you’re not really using all that stuff.

But, the block editor is actually more powerful and more customizable than many people realize. You c an turn off the blocks and panels you’re not using. Here’s how…

Hit the 3 little dots in the top right to bring down the block editor menu. Then, hit Preferences.

From there, you’ll have two sections:

  • Blocks. Here you can uncheck all the blocks you never use.
  • Panels. Here you can uncheck the right-side panels you never use.

Now, keep in mind, the options you select here are going to be global. In other words, it will affect all post types and anywhere you are using the block editor. If you uncheck a block that you never use for blog posts, that same block will also not appear if you’re using the block editor for, say, a page.

Of course, you can enable and disable these things easily all day long. You can always enable blocks only when you need them.

In my case, I only use the block editor to edit content. I don’t use it for most pages (since I use Elementor). I don’t use it for LearnDash courses (since the BuddyBoss theme takes care of all that).

And in terms of the right-side panels. there were some in there that I just never touch. Such as:

  • WP Rocket. I don’t use specific settings for individual posts since everything is global. So, I don’t need to see it on the editor.
  • PerfMatters. Also plugin, but I never need to defer javascript on an individual post. Why have the checkbox show up?
  • RankMath. RankMath puts in link suggestions and content AI that I just don’t use on the editor. So, I disabled it. The stuff I do use is still accessible in the right-side panel.

You will need to make the choices that are right for you.

It is all about streamlining the block editor to suit your specific needs.

It can help the block editor load up faster and make it easier to find the stuff you do use by removing the clutter of the stuff you don’t.

Hope that helps!

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