The 7 Stages of Building An Online Business [Infographic and Guide]

Breaking the process of building an online business into 7 clear stages, so you can what you need to do next and where to spend your time. This infographic and process is designed to make what seems complicated… simpler.

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  • Christoph says:

    Thank you for this amazing post! It reads like from a birds perspective on my own process. Actually i am in Phase 6. I went online on Aug 26 and yes, my channels grow slowly but steady everyday. I don’t have products now. The product which i bought from you was THE cornerstone to set up my mailing list campaign… Amazing insight stuff you share…! I wouldn’t be today where i am without you! Thanks!

  • justinbaeder says:

    Genius as always, David! Bookmarking and reviewing.

  • Hi David,

    Wow amazing stuff. I like this tip of Email list. Email list help a lot to build business and get valuable customers back again to your blog. Build List means build traffic and build traffic indicates to increase sale.

    I like your effort!


  • John Orian says:

    Thank you David. This is exactly what I need. My answer to your question about what stage I am at is that I am at the starting gate about to enter Stage 1. I’ve already made the newbie mistake of starting a WordPress based website and adding content without a plan. Now I’ll be able to do it right.

  • Phil says:

    Outstanding. I knew there was a reason I joined your course… your clarity of explaining things and making them simple. I like the fact you are going to realigning your course to this plan. Courses that lack a clear roadmap have always frustrated me in the past.

    Keep Rockin it David!

  • David,

    Thanks for an excellent post and infographic. I think I am about to go through stage 4 and establish my first paid traffic funnel. I’ll let you know how I get on.


  • James Dooley says:

    This is a very insightful article, I am just starting down the path of writing about marketing on my own blog here:

  • Luis says:

    Outstanding. You really explain all the big picture and make it easy to undestand. Iยดm right now diving into the Finding your Niche Course in the VIP Members area and like it a lot.
    Greetings from Spain


  • J R D says:

    This is terrific and beautifully laid out. Prior to reading this I would have said I’m in stage 2. However I do think I have to do a bit more work in tightening up my avatar. This doc will serve as a great roadmap to building my online business.

    J R

  • Yatindra says:

    This is brilliant guidance pill .
    You are the Morpheus to this neo :p

    I was skipping steps and getting no where .

    Much clarity now!

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