It is Time To Shit Or Get Off The Pot

That headline was a saying I learned from my family. Despite the colorful language, the motto is a life lesson that all of us need to operate by.

See, too many people live their lives in a constant state of “someday, maybe I will….”. It doesn’t matter how that sentence ends (it is different for everybody), but one thing is common. It is a maybe. Not a yes or a no, but a maybe.

That headline was a saying I learned from my family. Despite the colorful language, the motto is a life lesson that all of us need to operate by.

See, too many people live their lives in a constant state of “someday, maybe I will….”. It doesn’t matter how that sentence ends (it is different for everybody), but one thing is common. It is a maybe. Not a yes or a no, but a maybe.

And, what happens? We get stuck. We don’t move. We talk a big game. We make todo lists. We jot down ideas. But, we don’t take any action.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Internet – and ESPECIALLY when it comes to anything having to do with making money – the dreamers end up being preyed upon. See, people who don’t really want to take any action are a ripe opportunity for some marketer to come along with an easy button.

You’ve seen them. The “internet marketing” guru who tries to sell you on the idea that you can make a big ‘ol pile of money, in 2 hours per week, with a $27 ebook, all using some “secret, ninja source of traffic that nobody else knows about”. Oh, but of course, we’re to believe that that marketer really did figure out some huge secret and that he’s just being SUCH a nice guy to sell it to us.

Yeah, right. And last night, I got to watch the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause duke it out. Come on.

Your common sense tells you that it is BS. I mean, no wonder those kinds of sales tactics revolt some people. We see it so often, and it is such an affront to basic logic.

There is no easy button. I really hate to tell you this, I really do.

Now, this isn’t anything to be sad about. Something can be done about it. But, first, let me tell you why the time is NOW.

The Times We Live In

There’s another factor in play here: The world we live in.

There is no doubt that some people out there are without jobs right now. The economies of the world are in a time of readjustment. People were living large on debt, and it is all catching up both in the private sector and the public sector. The details are many, and there are about a thousand different opinions out there on the “why” of it all, but one thing is true…

Things are changing.

Like any time of economic adjustment (even the Great Depression), there are those who do very well for themselves, and those who won’t. What divides them? What determines whether you will prosper or not?

It comes down to educating yourself, building your skills, then USING them to make a valuable contribution to the world. In other words, you’re building a solid foundation. You’re offering something. And you’re being paid for it.

This is a stark contrast to those who will simply complain, or try to blame others. It is also a stark contrast to all those easy buttons I mentioned above. Many will buy promises of easy buttons, thinking a little ebook of 30 pages is somehow a foundation you can build on.

No. You have to solve real problems for people. You have to have answers. You have to position yourself as and BE an authority who is going to be around for awhile.

… And you will be. Because, when you build a REAL foundation and make yourself valuable to people, you can weather whatever comes your way. You won’t be a feather in the wind, you’ll be a brick wall.

It’s Time To Put The Big Boy Pants On

The Internet happens to be a great playing field for building that foundation. And, as I’m going to show you, building an online empire with a blog as the center of your hub is POWERFUL.

It is time, though, to start really making that happen. It is time to get serious about it. The world isn’t waiting around for you to get your act together.

Those “any lazy idiot can do it” products are a dime a dozen. And, in almost all cases, you feel like a bit of an idiot the moment you open it up and think, “This is it?”

In today’s online environment, there are too many people in the playing field to take cheesy moves like that. Customers are skeptical (understandably so). The big boys keep releasing more and more free stuff. The lazy idiot with his $27 easy button just isn’t going to make it in this environment.

Fortunately, though, you’re not a lazy idiot.

You realize you need a system which works, but you also realize that you’re going to need to take action on it. You realize you’re going to need to put on the big boy pants and bring your A-game.

The world isn’t waiting for you. You either need to be on the move, or the world passes you by.

For me personally, this is the mindset I bring to the table when I announced that it was time for a change.

A change for my approach to helping people in this market… and a change for how I run my business.

Phase 1 is the closing of the Blog Masters Club – permanently. However, for a limited – and final – time, you can enroll in the program for the lowest rate I’ve ever offered it for.



  1. I think it all comes down to the saying that I display to nearly everyone I come in contact with – go big or go home. I cannot stand the people in my life that just do the minimalistic things and expect big things to  come out of it – it doesn’t work like that. You get out what you put in – that’s proven.

    I like to use Steve Job’s world class salesmanship and general view of his products. He wouldn’t dare compromise the elegance of the product for anything. He wanted to make technology beautiful and functional.

    I recently began entering this mindset of enjoying putting all of my eggs in one basket. I think those who are against putting all of your eggs in one basket are foolish. If you aren’t willing to bet everything you have, then you aren’t confident enough to succeed. It’s just that simple. Go big or go home, don’t sit in between and look like an a**. Great post, David.

  2. Love this tell it like it is post David!  Fave line ”
    You have to solve real problems for people. You have to have answers. ” so true!

  3. The headline made me laugh so hard, I about sh** in my pants.  Not really!  🙂  Your honesty is so refreshing, I just love it.   Human nature seems to always want the easy way out.  Whether it’s  internet marketing and the $27 easy button or the diet where you can eat all you want and never exercise, people  like easy.  Too bad easy rarely WORKS.  However, it is also true that you can work your fanny off, as I have, and still not do things RIGHT, so you end up with less-than-satisfactory results.  I personally made some crucial mistakes that, in hindsight, were pretty stupid, but they seemed logical at the time. 

    I think it is also true that many of us have a deep-seated dislike of ALL things sales.  When we think of a salesman we think of the sleazy, lying SOB shilling dog poo and calling it a golden nugget of wonderment.  That, of course, describes the internet marketer shilling the instant  ninja millionaire crap.  Ironic how some of us will fall for that, but still do not trust salesmen  in general and do not feel comfortable doing sales even if we are selling legitimate stuff in a legitimate way.   

    Thanks David. 

    1. Well, that fear of marketing is just something one has to get over if it exists. Honestly, the only reason one should be afraid to sell something is if they don’t honestly think the product is good and will solve the prospect’s problem.

      1.  Actually, I think a lot of people are just flat out uncomfortable with the concept of sales.  They think all sales are tainted with manipulation.  Of course those folks should probably stick to another line of work.  BUT, to do sales, you have to be bold, confident, and unafraid.  Many people are just not bold and confident enough. 

  4. People became wealthy during the Great Depression, and many of the companies that were started then are still with us.

    Not everyone who started these companies had the best background, or the best connections, or even the right amount of money.

    What separates people isn’t what they start with- after all, some are born with all the advantages- wealth, prestigious education, connections, and yet many do not do things with this privilege.

    Then there are people who, in spite of their perceived inferiority, end up doing better than most.

    While chance is part of it, there are many who are in the right place at the right time and know the right people, and do nothing, or fail epically.

    We make our own chances.

  5. HI David,  that is an excellent set of points.

    I agree that  not only should a marketer be able to solve problems for other people, he must also solve his own problems. 

    As you are well aware, running a business is a problem solving game in and of itself.   It isn’t for everyone either. 

    However, as you mentioned, if you can be a provider of solutions with your blog as the centerpiece you can really build an ethical business that truly helps others.

    We can spot the scammers from experience, but many new people cannot.  I hope they get a chance to read your post and get an idea about the reality of working to create success.

    1. Thanks.

      Some will continue to accept responsibility for their own successes – because they really don’t want to work. 

      It is BE – DO – HAVE… and some people just want to start out with HAVE. And, it never works.

      Again…. big boy pants. 🙂

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