The “tech stuff”. Its that thing that gets in the way of SO many blog owners. So much so that many bloggers end up stuck at ground zero because of the tech stuff raining on their parade.

Is this you?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the all the various tools you feel are needed to run a successful blog? Do you get bogged down by not understanding the terminology? Are you frustrated by feeling like you’re totally alone to figure out technical stuff which is over your head?

I hear you.

Over and over again, when I am asking people about what’s standing in their way to growing their blog and monetizing the right way, one of the top answers is the “tech stuff”.

Tools have made things much easier than they used to be, but there is most definitely still a layer of technical know-how which is needed to do all of this.

I have responded to this over the last couple years with a few workshops, such as:

  • Demolishing Your Blogging Technical Constraints (aka the “Tech Workshop”)
    Not exactly my best product name ever, but this is a workshop where I did nothing but talk basics and walk people through some of the most common technical procedures.
  • List Building Simplified
    A live workshop I’m currently in the middle of delivering where we’re talking basics on the mechanics of building a list, setting up the tools, and making them all work together. One workshop down so far, and the feedback was awesome.

I also help members when asked inside the VIP.

But, I’ve decided to also address it with a little bit of an adjustment – a new effort – here on the public Blog Marketing Academy site. And I’m calling it The Tech Center.

Here’s a quick home office video to explain…


And here’s that quickie little survey. Thanks in advance!

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