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CBB155: The 60-Minute Webinar Plan

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Continuing our topic of webinars, this episode is a walk-through of a general layout for a 60-minute webinar.

You can download the reference for this episode at:

We talk about a general plan for
– Introduction (10 minutes)
– The Content (40 minutes)
– The Close (10 minutes)

And we’ll be discussing a lot of tips and strategies for how to execute each section of your webinar. For example:

– How should you go about doing your intro?
– How can you defuse their concern about it being a “sales pitch”?
– What is a ‘yes sequence’ and how does it apply to the beginning of your webinar?
– How can you ensure they pay attention?
– How should you price your offer?
– How can you increase conversion rate on your webinar using timers and bonuses?
– How can you reduce their risk AND get AWESOME testimonials in the process?
– What do you do on-screen at the end of your webinar?

These – and more – are all discussed in this episode of Coffee Break. This is a meaty episode. To get the most out of it, I’d recommend having this PDF available as you give it a listen:

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