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Help! I Have Nothing To Post To My Blog!

Struggling what to post to your blog? Relax. Because you might just be concentrating on the wrong thing anyway…

There is nothing that causes a blogger more angst than that nagging feeling that you should write a blog post… but you got nothing. 🙂 No ideas.

What do you do?

Do you surf the internet looking for inspiration? Do you regurgitate stuff you may have already said, but in different words this time? Do you re-publish something and act like it is new?

(Don’t ask how I know, people. 😉 )

Nah, don’t do any of that. I have 3 strategies for you. And they are…

#1 – Chill Out

Seriously. Chill out. You’re causing yourself stress over nothing.

Nothing bad is going to happen if you simply don’t post anything. Your business isn’t going to fall apart. Your traffic isn’t likely going to disappear. Chances are, nobody will even notice.

You are much better off posting to your blog when you have something legit to say.

There is nothing that wastes your time more than blogging when you don’t have a reason to other than the calendar.

So, just don’t post to your blog. Relieving that pressure will allow you to be more open to REAL post ideas… and when the inspiration strikes, write away!

#2 – Refocus Your Efforts On Things That Matter

The 80/20 rule tells us that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. Problem is, most bloggers get it backwards.

Most bloggers spend 80% (or more) of their time churning and burning content for their blogs thinking that it is the most important thing. Truth is, 20% (or less) of your results will come from that content.


So, if you’re sitting there worried about your next blog post… you’re literally worried about something which is the wrong thing to be focused on anyway!

So, instead of writing a blog post, spend time on creating a new lead magnet, creating your next product, putting together that squeeze page. Spend time building relationships with other bloggers (guest posting, perhaps). Pitch yourself as a guest for some niche podcasts.

In other words, build your assets and spend time on promotion.

Your next blog post isn’t going to grow your business very much. But, a new lead magnet or a new product you can launch – that will.

And guess what…

#3 – You Can Get More Leverage Out Of Your Existing Stuff

That’s right. Chances are, you’ve written a fair amount of stuff on your blog already. Well, instead of constantly putting yourself under the gun to make more of it, why don’t you spend time getting more out of the stuff you already made?

Some ideas:

  • Repurpose existing content into a new lead magnet
  • Repurpose existing content into the framework for a paid product.
  • Spend time on outreach by promoting some of your best content to people who don’t already know about it.

Point is… every blogging entrepreneur will reach a point where they feel as if they’ve said everything they can. You can only write so many “how to” posts.

Well, fine. Find more ways go use the stuff you’ve already produced in smart ways. MOST people in your niche are still unaware of your content. To them, it is new. Chances are, you are one of the only people in the world who is even aware that you haven’t posted to your blog in a little while. 😉

“How Often Should You Post To Your Blog?”

That is the wrong question. And any debate over how often is right is just… dumb.

You post when you have a reason to post. When you do it that way, the stuff you post will be much higher quality and will actually MEAN something.

Not only that, it will be a future asset for you which – guess what? – you can then spend time promoting rather than writing another uninspired blog post.

Truth of the matter is… this very blog post was inspired because I felt that way. My old blogger brain turned on – after a month on vacation – and told me “Dave, you better post something solid next week!” But, I had nothing prepared.

Then I remembered…

It doesn’t really matter.

It isn’t because nobody reads the blog or that a lot of people will be let down if I don’t. It is because I am not truly serving my audience by posting crap. And I’d be serving you better if I worked on that next Action Plan for my Lab members… or working on new promotional stuff for the Academy.

Of course, then my thought process inspired this blog post. And the rest is history. 😉

So, the next time you are stressing over your content calendar, remember…

Chill out. Work on things which are more important. When inspiration strikes, you can blog again.

Blogging isn’t supposed to feel like a pressure cooker.