58+ Headline Formulas: The Ultimate Non-Copywriter’s Guide To Writing Headlines That Get The Clicks (UPDATED)

58+ blog post headline formulas + the ultimate swipe file. Also, why you should write 25 headlines for every single blog post you publish. I tried it. Here’s how it went…

  • Sharron F says:

    Want To Read An Interesting Comment? – Don’t Read This One Then.

    I’ve just read through that article and it’s probably the most helpful article I’ve read all year. Actually you can include last year too, since this year is only weeks old and the last thing I want to appear to be doing is taking the mickey out of it. I’ve yet to click any links and get the full value from it; but what an awesome way to start 2015! – This post is glowing, and David’s on form!

    – ‘See, I told you it was a crap comment, but thanks for reading it anyway. 😉

  • Nice Article…Thank you for sharing this interesting and useful information….

  • Tan-Ja says:

    This Contains Killer Content!! Great stuff, David. In all my time of writing, I had never headlined with words like dead, killer etc. Not in my nature – but loved the studies that were done and can now see why I probably should delve into the ‘dark side’…. 🙂 🙂

    Will share this post at my workshop in March. Very informative.

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