The Redwood Strategy: The Efficient Content Strategy To Dominate SEO And Get More Traffic (While Blogging Much Less)

The Redwood Strategy is a content creation strategy for bloggers where you circle back and update previously published content, turning them into major pillar posts for your niche. Here’s exactly how to do it.

The Redwood Strategy For Bloggers
  • I have a question on this whole concept of updating old content. Do you literally go back in the archives, find the post you’re looking for, and edit it place? Or do you create a new post, copy the old content over, refresh it, and post?

    • David Risley says:

      I’ve done both. If the update is almost a total rewrite, then I will start with a whole new post, then copy/paste to the original when I’m done.

    • Felicia A says:

      But what you *don’t* do, as David put succinctly, is copy the old content to a brand new post and update and post it from there. That would end up having a new URL and not gain any SEO benefit. It would be planting a new baby tree rather than adding a ring to the old one. What David is describing in his comment here (and correct me if I’m wrong, David) is an update that is so comprehensive that it is pretty much a complete rewrite. In that case, he might scrap the *content* of the old post and write a new one to replace it *at the old URL*, which is what I think is what Brick is referring to as “in place” in the archive. But remember, David recommended changing the date, too, so that it pops up to the top of the blog roll anew and doesn’t stay buried in the archive.

  • Jeremy says:

    What tool are you using to offer the Redwood Post lead magnet in the middle of your content? I just signed up, but I love how it didn’t take me away from the page and make me lose my spot reading!

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