TBP025: How Blogging For Money Has Changed

Blogging for money has changed alot over the last many years. This is something David has perspective on since he has been going along for the entire ride. In this episode, David talks about two other leading bloggers, both who have been doing this for almost as long, and their perspectives on how things have changed. Then, David gives his own take on what blogging for money looks like today – and what’s really required to make it work.

How Blogging For Money Has Changed


I’ve been thinking a little lately about how things have changed.

Not in a bad way or anything…. just… different.

See, I’ve been at this for 16 years now, starting with my tech blog (which I also recently announced that my intention is to retire from). And over the course of 16 years – which is a LOOONNNGGGG damn time on the Internet – I’ve seen things change drastically.

It used to be easy. Today, only the tigers make it.

Then, along this line, I recently saw two long-timers that I’ve known of for quite some time express similar sentiments.

Chris Pirillo, of Lockergnome, recently expressed his frustrations on growing his business and how the things which used to work… don’t. Chris comes from the tech space, as I do. So, I’ve known about Chris for years now and have watched him evolve. I watched an unlisted hangout video he did where he talked more about his current frustrations… and I know exactly where he’s coming from.

Then there’s Yaro Starak, from Entrepreneurs Journey. Yaro recently posted Blogging For Money Has Changed: Here Is How Smart Bloggers Can Profit In 2014. In it, Yaro talks, too, about how things has changed. Yaro has been at it for 10 years. And he gives his perspective on how things has changed.

So, that’s two people I’ve known for awhile, both seeming to have similar thoughts as myself.

And so I decided to comment on it in this week’s episode of The Blog Program.

In episode 25, you’ll learn about…

  • My review of the 13 points Yaro Starak mentioned in his post
  • Why the “old school” model of “blog monetization” is deader today than it has ever been.
  • Why blogging alone doesn’t work anymore.
  • The two pronged strategy I am personally pursuing, given the world we operate in today.
  • Where the money really comes from.
  • Why traffic numbers aren’t nearly as important as they used to be, and what really matters more than traffic.

I got a little…. ranty in this episode. I got quite passionate. And, be forewarned, I did drop the s-word. (gasp!) But, this is stuff I feel strongly about.



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  • Joan White says:

    I just discovered you on Stitcher and will join your following. Love the stuff. Kept my interest and made me write a blog on the subject. I know I will learn a ton of stuff from you and your blog.

  • And for the WTF moment of the day, I didn’t even know I had that “blog” on WordPress.com haha or remembered it.

  • Man, this was just fantastic stuff. Now we just need to get Pat Flynn to listen to this and see what he has to say about it lol no but seriously, I loved it.

    I need to stop saying “monetization” and “blogging” on the same sentence. It’s a term I am starting to hate myself but apparently it’s the only way people understand “oh, I can make money with this then” but you are 100% right about the content creation.

    Btw you left me wondering with that Chris Pirillo unlisted video you mentioned since I haven’t seen it but I can imagine what he said.

    Top notch podcast dude, I truly enjoyed it!

  • Keeping it real old man, keeping it real 😉


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