How To Choose And Use Countdown Timers In Your Online Marketing (Includes 14 Different Tools)

The countdown timer is a popular tool for increasing conversions. Here are 14 different tools for online marketers to easily place countdowns on their sites and in email.

  • Stefan Gonick says:

    Hi David,

    Great article about countdown timers. Based on your descriptions and my initial research, I ended up going with Thrive Ultimatum. It looked like it would be great, and it involved a one-time fee instead of monthly payments like Deadline Funnel.

    Unfortunately, there is a critical flaw in Thrive Ultimatum (TU) that makes it unsuitable for evergreen launch funnels, which is what I wanted to use it for.

    There are only 2 ways to trigger a countdown timer:
    1. A user signing up using their Thrive Leads product
    2. A user visiting the sales page of the product you are promoting.

    #1 doesn’t work for me since I’m using LeadPages.
    #2 REALLY doesn’t work for me since it defeats the whole purpose of a product launch funnel.

    I would need the countdown timer triggered when the user visited a specifiable page on my web site that is not the sales page. I would be the thank you page for the initial sign up to enter the launch funnel.

    It’s a real shame since TU looks great in every other way and is very affordable. It would also be an easy feature for them to add if people ask for it. I’m actually very surpised that they don’t already have it.

    • David Risley says:

      Have you contacted their support people about it to see if there’s a way?

      Ultimatum is a nice plug-in, but it is hard to compete with everything DeadlineFunnel can do. Also, Ultimatum’s dependence on Thrive Leads for the opt-in shouldn’t be any surprise, really. 🙂 If you’re using hosted LeadPages, I think DeadlineFunnel might be a better fit for you, anyway.

      • Stefan says:

        I did contact them. It turns out that they almost have the ability to trigger a countdown by specifying any specific page on your web site, but there is currently a limitation when you want to “lock down” the sales page so that you can only access the discounted price during the countdown.

        It’s an odd limitation that, as a programmer myself, I don’t understand why they did it. I’m hoping to talk to the owner and see if they will update their product. If they do, it will be an inexpensive alternative to Deadline Funnel.

        • David Risley says:

          Interesting. Well, I do like Ultimatum, but I do maintain a DeadlineFunnel account because I like having the swiss army knife when I need it. 🙂 Plus, I like DF for being able to have countdowns in an email.

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