Why Thrive Themes Is Now My Top Recommended Solution For Building A Blog-Centered Online Business

Looking to build a blog-centered online business? Then, this is why I now put Thrive Themes in the top 3 list of startup investments I believe you should make.

  • Sarah Arrow says:

    I love Thrive Themes. They’re the longest I’ve ever stayed with a theme. I swapped to Divi because I was building a client site in it, and I wanted to use the theme to get a feel for the quirks. 2 months later and I’m itching to get back to Thrive. I miss it so much! The ability to deploy a sales funnel in 45 minutes, all fully branded is just a-mazing. I cannot imagine using anything else

    • Andrew Finkelstein says:

      I’m currently using Divi & have not used Thrive Themes. So I’m really curious as to what made you switch to Divi and why you’re itching to switch back to Thrive Themes.


      • Sarah A says:

        I swapped as I’m building a site for a client in Divi. If the client has questions about the site functionality I want to be able to answer them. For example I can have category based optins in focus areas on Thrive in 2 clicks, maybe 3. To have the closest thing in Divi I need to add the single post php file into the child theme, then create a layout and then add the layout IDs to the file. This gives me a custom header on a single post where I can add an optin, but I can’t segment them at source like I can with Thrive. Thrive has it’s moments where I can’t make it look as good as I could in Divi, but the advantages Thrives gives me far outweighs the prettiness aspect. The speed advantage it gives me is hard to compete with.

  • Ricardo V says:

    Thrive is awesome. I’ve tried leadpages, 10 minute funnels, click funnels, optimize press, and instapage.

    While it isn’t a “funnel builder” per se, you can definitely create funnels with it.

    For everything it does, customer support, and constant innovations in staying up to date with trends, its VERY reasonably priced.

    Awesome software!

  • Just a quick note on the price comparison, the Genesis/StudioPress themes can be used on client websites on the condition that the developer provides the support, which is great for me when I create client sites because I can access the entire StudioPress library and just get on with it.

    Thrive’s Agency Membership for $228 per year is only for use on your own sites.

  • Michael B says:

    First off. Thanks David for sifting through a lot of this overwhelming information and products for website business development. I have a question though, are Thrive Themes, the themes themselves easy to use? Is it a type of drop in, visual setup? Programming? I am completely green with all this website. web marketing, and all of it.
    I have surely been dragging my feet, but at least learning some each day and trying to have a solid base to start. I want to do the products things, but also a membership type deal that is a long the lines of interaction between me an the members. Oh, my focus here is photography. @Tony

    • David Risley says:

      All Thrives products, including their themes, come with their Content Builder. It’s like an editor on steroids which gives you full “what you see is what you get” ability to edit anything. So, yes, it is a very visual setup.

  • Michael S says:

    Do the rest of the Thrive features work if you don’t choose to use a Thrive Theme on your site?

  • Justin says:

    Great reviewโ€”thanks David! I have already signed up for Thrive but haven’t started doing anything with it.

    My main reason for switching is that my WordPress database is pushing 4 years old, and has junk data from dozens of of old plugins that we no longer useโ€”yet that still cause conflicts and errors even after being deactivated and deleted.

    Eager to start fresh with an integrated suite! And yes, to stop needing obscure Genesis code snippets to do anything ๐Ÿ™‚

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