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Why Thrive Themes Is Now My Top Recommended Solution For Building A Blog-Centered Online Business

Looking to build a blog-centered online business? Then, this is why I now put Thrive Themes in the top 3 list of startup investments I believe you should make.

There are so many tools a blogger could buy, it just makes you wanna puke.

OK, well, perhaps I’m overstating things just a bit. 😉 But, still, there are a LOT of tools and plug-ins you could buy. Everybody says they’re the best. Tons of pros and cons to wade through.

And there’s the typical blog owner, trying to wade through it all.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Being in my position here at Blog Marketing Academy – and especially having been in this business for so long – you can imagine that I’ve used a TON of different tools.

Well, today I want to show you exactly why I now believe that Thrive Themes is absolutely the biggest no brainer out there for blog owners.

In fact, I now think there are only 3 basic tools that you need to really get started with a blog-based business. And they are:

  1. Solid web hosting (and I recommend Siteground for that)
  2. A solid email list host (and I recommend Aweber for people just starting out)
  3. Thrive Themes

So, let me explain…

Blast From The Past: What About StudioPress and OptimizePress?

Up until about a month ago, the Blog Marketing Academy was based on two tools: StudioPress and OptimizePress.


StudioPress is the brand name for the collection of tools built on top of Genesis Framework. The entire Academy site was, until recently, built using a custom child theme on top of the Genesis Framework.

Genesis is about as solid as it gets. It is an AWESOME theme framework and their themes are top notch. So, why is it no longer my top recommendation?

The answer is simple: Complexity for the average blog owner.

If you stick with one of StudioPress’s child themes and modify only what you can do via a plug-in or an options dashboard, then you’re good to go. However, if you need anything more specific or more customized, you are inevitably getting into PHP coding of a custom child theme.

If you have some PHP and CSS skills, you’re good. But, most bloggers don’t. So, the process of really fine-tuning the look and feel of a Genesis site can be frustrating for the average blogger. Since my job here is to help people build businesses, I’m not helping anybody by throwing them into a world that I know will be technically over most heads.

Now, onto OptimizePress…


OptimizePress was one of the first landing page creators for WordPress. And, it is a solid platform. I got to be pretty good with it and could bend it to my will.

However, the Live Editor could be overwhelming to some. And it isn’t a true “what you see is what you get” editing experience. You can see the page in your editor, however there are all these Editor buttons all over the place. And the actual editing takes place inside the Live Editor dialog windows. It requires a lot more clicking, saving and refreshing to get the page to look like you want.

Cost Comparison Of Thrive Themes Versus The Others

Well, first, when I refer to Thrive Themes, I’m referring to an entire package of tools. They have several themes you can use, however what I really recommend is their Thrive Membership because it includes a ton more than just themes.


With a Thrive Themes membership (which I personally have), you are getting full access to:

Now, here’s the thing to consider…

A Thrive Membership will run you $228 for a year. But, with it, let’s look at what you DON’T have to buy anymore…

  • A StudioPress theme will run you about $130. If you want them all, you’re looking at about $500.
  • OptimizePress would run $99. Because, while you could create marketing-focused landing pages with StudioPress, it would be WAY more work than you’ll enjoy. So, you would need a separate tool in order to safeguard your hairline.
  • A opt-in plugin worth your time would run you extra. OptinMonster is pretty solid, but to get the version comparable to Thrive Leads would run you $228/year.
  • If OptimizePress was too complicated, then you may end up looking into tools like ClickFunnels or LeadPages. But, neither of those are cheap. LeadPages will run you minimally $297/year.

So, things are adding up here, aren’t they? A StudioPress theme + OptimizePress would cost $229 upfront, then you’d have the cost of OptinMonster recurring. Or LeadPages.


$228 for the year with Thrive, get the entire collection of tools (which is more inclusive) and be done with it. It is far more cost effective for a bootstrapping entrepreneur working on building up that online business.

Saying Goodbye (Mostly) To Coding Headaches

The difficulty of customizing things is one of the biggest complaints out there. Most of the time, it requires jumping into the world of PHP, CSS and HTML. And knowing your way around a WordPress theme.

“Searching Google for Genesis code snippets is one of the funnest things ever!”, said nobody.

Thrive Content Builder makes it MUCH easier. In fact, it is pretty likely you won’t need to code anything.


All of the Thrive Themes, Thrive Leads, and Thrive Landing Pages…. all of it is based on the core of Thrive Content Builder. This is the editor which makes customizing everything easy.

In fact, it can literally take over your standard WordPress post editor and you can just do everything in a visual way. Once you get used to the controls, it is really fast to create very professional pages.

I also really appreciate how you can use Thrive Content Builder even if your main theme isn’t a Thrive Theme.

The Focus Of Thrive Themes

One of the things that makes Thrive stand out is that their entire focus is on CONVERSION. This means they’re not just trying to make “pretty” themes. They’re doing everything specifically for the purposes of blog marketing.

Which, you would probably tell from the name of this site is something I’m keen on. 😉

They understand the needs of somebody who is doing all this for the purposes of leads and sales. Their themes have features built-in that you won’t see on most WordPress themes because those others weren’t designed for marketers.

Their newest addition – Thrive Quiz Builder – makes it super easy to create online quizzes for the purpose of building viral traffic and/or building your list. Quizzes have long been effective as list building tools, but creating them was usually a matter of custom coding. Now, it is pretty easy and all geared toward building your list. And that’s because Thrive understands that’s what you’re trying to do.

Things like split-testing blog post headlines is something that only a marketer would do, really. SumoMe has an option for it, but SumoMe is highly overpriced, IMO. With Thrive, you get the capability built in if you install Thrive Headline Optimizer.

And About Their Support….

I admit that I haven’t yet had to deal with their support folks, but I will say this…

These people stand behind their products. They are constantly issuing updates. They are constantly adapting and improving. In fact, Thrive Quiz Builder was just announced last week (as of this writing) and it wasn’t there when I signed up for their membership. So, they’re just making things more valuable.

Anyway, Not Trying To Be A Brochure For Them, But….

I’m not going to sit here and write some big review post that simply reiterates what you can easily find if you just visit their site and watch some of their product videos.

And I’m not going to sit here and get all salesy about it (more than I have already, anyway 😉 ).

The reason for this post is simple…

The entire mission of Blog Marketing Academy is to help people build profitable businesses centered around their blog.

While I have many students who are in the more advanced stages of their business, the majority of people who come here are still in that “getting started” phase. And part of that phase is acquiring certain tools with which to do the job.

I don’t want anybody to go out “tool hunting” and end up buying things they don’t need. I’m all for getting the most bang for your buck. This is why I’m only advocating 3 purchases at the outset:

  1. Solid web hosting (and I recommend Siteground for that)
  2. A solid email list host (and I recommend Aweber for people just starting out)
  3. Thrive Themes

And this is why I do recommend Thrive Themes Membership be one of the top 3 purchases to get started. It truly does make many other of your potential purchases irrelevant and unnecessary.

NOTE: Yes, many of the links in this post are affiliate links. But, I only recommend what I personally use and I tell you why. I am a happy Thrive Member myself and I use it here at Blog Marketing Academy.