If you’re going to have the general public logging into your Wordpress site, it is nice to be able to make that login screen less… default.

This is especially important for a membership site. It isn’t exactly a nice customer experience when they’re logging into your membership while staring at a big Wordpress logo. You don’t even want them knowing Wordpress is there, really.

Even for your own internal purposes, it can be nice to customize the login.

This is very doable with Wordpress, but often requires a special plug-in or some custom code in your theme.

You might not be aware that Thrive Architect can do it. And if you’re already using Thrive Suite, then you have what you need to customize your login screen.

I recently used this for THE LAB. See, I am using the BuddyBoss theme for THE LAB (read my BuddyBoss review) and it has it’s own ability to customize the login screen. The options are pretty limited, but after setting up a background image, it looks like this:

This isn’t bad, but I wanted to see what other options I had. BuddyBoss really doesn’t give you very many options in this regard.

I happen to have Thrive Architect installed on THE LAB, too. I use it to edit the content on some of the pages.

When you install Thrive Architect, you get a new Thrive Dashboard in your Wordpress. And that dashboard gives you quite a lot of features that many people forget are even there.

We can cover some of those other areas later on, but if you look there in the options, you’ll see Wordpress Login And Screen Branding.

So, I went into the BuddyBoss settings and disabled the custom login screen options and reverted back to default. Then, I went back into the Thrive Dashboard and I activated Thrive’s custom login screen.

Doing that will automatically add some new styling to the default Wordpress login. However, clearly the whole point of this is to edit the login screen with Thrive Architect.

So, hit the button to do just that.

What happens is that Thrive Architect will open up and you can edit your own login screen – visually.

You don’t have every option that Architect offers. This is the login screen, so Wordpress only offers so much in terms of customization hooks. So, Architect is stripped down to only those options that can be controlled on the login screen.

But, right off the bat, you get several great templates to start off with:

Choose one and then you can use Architect to customize it. Change fonts, change your logo, choose your own background, etc.

As a “first draft” and after just 2-3 minutes of messing with it, I turned my login screen for THE LAB into this:

I like that I have more options here than what BuddyBoss provides. I like the fact that the login form itself is larger and more obvious. Perhaps later, I will create a different background image and play with other options. Right now, still using that image of my RV in the Utah desert. 🙂

It would be nice if there was a way that Thrive Architect could provide a few more options here. For instance, being able to drag other text into the screen would be seriously nice. I’d like to make that option to create a new account much more obvious than it is, but for now I don’t seem to have that ability. BuddyBoss didn’t either.

But, that’s how you do it. It is a nice little fringe benefit of having Thrive Architect installed.

As a reminder, Thrive Architect is part of the Thrive Suite – and you can check out my full review of the Suite here. I really dig it. 🙂 The fact that I could use it to “fix up” my login screen was a nice little unexpected side benefit.

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