The Future Of Online Business: Cryptocurrencies And Why I Believe You Should Be Accepting Bitcoin.

A talk about the evolution of money – and why I believe you should get out ahead of the curve in your online business by accepting Bitcoin today.

  • Yes! My husband and I have been following the whole Bitcoin trend for the past few years. We bought in (NOT enough) early on… and are kicking ourselves. Now we’re getting more serious. Great post and totally agree with you that this is where we’re headed. Thanks!

  • Brian says:

    Great article David! Definitely something one needs to consider.

  • Thanks for the info David! I’m researching Bitcoin and CoinBase now. This sounds like something I want to be in on. Thanks again!

  • Nate says:

    Ethereum is a good one to follow also. It just broke 17 bucks the other day. I am really debating on accepting Bitcoins for my small business. It’s a new idea to most people and there is always that possibility of a total crash. Predictions are 3k by the end of 2017.

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