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The Return Of The Podcast (Episode #156)

What makes the difference between blogs that make money... and those which don't? Find out how blog monetization REALLY works in 2017... and how it has everything to do with getting traffic. Pick your date and time for this free blog monetization workshop.

In this informal episode of Coffee Break Blogging – and the first episode in some 6 months – I cover the question of…

What happened?

This episode is primarily an internal look at the Blog Marketing Academy itself, this podcast, and some general news. I discuss:

  • Why the podcast was originally discontinued
  • Why I’m bring it back now
  • What I’ve been working on behind the scenes

We’ll get this thing into a new, normal schedule. Talk soon!


  1. Glad to hear you’re back. I like your casual way of sharing awesome tips as well as the tools you use. Thanks for all you do.


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