Zero Hassle Hosting & Support For Small Business Owners Who Rely On Wordpress

Concierge VIP Hosting & Support

How would it be if you were on a first name basis with your “web guy”?

Where you knew that your business website was being hosted securely and was working well. But, more importantly… that if something came up, you knew exactly who to contact. No sitting on hold with overseas tech support, or dealing with people on “live chat” who don’t seem to know what they’re talking about.

You want somebody who will remove the hassle for you. Who will take responsibility for those pesky plugin updates. Who will make sure your site is working. You don’t want to have to take your valuable time to wade through technical jargon, run Google searches to try to debug some server-related thing, or sit there and try to figure out stuff that that isn’t your area of expertise.

That’s what Blog Marketing Academy‘s Wordpress Concierge VIP Hosting is all about.

Most Web Hosting Is Impersonal

Web hosting is a commodity. A big numbers game. Often, the cheapest ones outsource their customer service to people who really don’t know what they’re talking about. Instead of having a deep knowledge of what’s going on, they’re taught to follow flow charts. And they ask really stupid questions and assume you’re an idiot until you get so frustrated you just take matters into your own hands.

Of course, not all hosting companies are like that. Some are definitely better than others. But, even the good ones aren’t very personal. They can’t be. You’re one of thousands of customers and your site is nothing special.

Then, there’s the usual class of small-time web hosts. Often done by smaller agencies who either offer hosting as a monthly service or offer to host their client sites. The problem with too many of them is that they are usually just resellers for a larger host while hiding the fact that that’s what is going on. Or they just throw you into a generic cPanel and you’re more or less on your own. Many of these guys are middlemen that charge more to you and don’t really provide any actual service beyond what you’d get if you just went with the hosting provider directly.

How This Concierge Hosting Works

With Concierge Hosting, you will be hiring me as your “web guy”. You and I will get to know each other on a first name basis. You will be my client, not just one of thousands of sites blending into the scenery.

In fact, I make sure to keep this limited so that I can treat clients… like clients.

My job will be not to just provide hosting (any company could do that), but to actually take responsibility for your website. This will be site-centric where your site becomes the focus. We will make sure it is running smoothly, is adequately tweaked for performance, is kept updated, etc. 

I believe in transparency, so I make no secret of the fact that your site will be hosted on Cloudways. Feel free to look into them and, if you want to go with them directly, you absolutely can. But, this Concierge Hosting service is different. You don’t have to worry much about any of the behind-the-scenes stuff. Instead of dealing with Cloudways, you’ll be dealing with the Blog Marketing Academy and, of course, me.

I will take responsibility for the performance and maintenance of your site as if it were my own. For you, this includes:

I will be there to help with anything that comes up in terms of hosting. I’ve got a lot of tools available to me to help with performance and other matters, so we can put it all to use on your site as needed without you having to take your valuable time to research it, make decisions, or figure out how to use it.

Who This Is For (And Not For)

If you prefer to keep a cheap hosting bill and you’re willing to deal with the mechanics of your web hosting on your own, this is most definitely NOT meant for you.

There are many good web hosts out there. My members here at the Blog Marketing Academy know that I will always offer up my suggestions for hosting and will happily provide guidance as I can. Many hosts offer very affordable monthly rates (or even annual), and if you’d prefer to go that route, you have my full blessing.

This concierge hosting is not that.

This service is intended for small business owners who value their time. They want their site to work. And if something stops working, they don’t want to have to spend their time dealing with it. 

This service is meant for the site owner who wants somebody else there to manage things. Somebody that truly knows Wordpress. Somebody who is personal and will take responsibility for updates, optimizations, and more.

Some Of The Nitty-Gritty Details (FAQ Style)

So, let’s go over some of the the most obvious questions you may have about this service…

This service is intended for small business owners who value their time. They want their site to just work. And if something stops working, they don’t want to have to spend their time dealing with it.

This service is meant for the site owner who wants somebody else there to manage things. Somebody that truly knows Wordpress. Somebody who is personal and will take responsibility for updates, optimizations, and more.

You’re not just buying hosting. If all you want is hosting, go sign up with them directly. You absolutely could go direct to any web host (even Cloudways) get your own account, manage it yourself and have a much lower monthly bill. That’s what most people do. And if you’d rather be in the driver seat, you SHOULD do that.

This concierge hosting service is specifically intended for people who don’t want to deal with all that. You’re paying to have the hassle removed from your plate. You’re paying to have somebody there to take responsibility for your site working the way it should and dealing with “the tech stuff” for you. It’s that simple. 

No problem. We’ll move it. And once your site is well situated in it’s new home, you’ll be able to cancel your current web host and stop paying for it. Then sit back and let me deal with it.

You see, the whole point of this Concierge Hosting is that you don’t have to worry about all that.  I will take stock in your site and I will make sure it has the resources it needs to run well. Again, if you want to be in the driver seat on those kinds of things, go sign up for your own hosting account. THIS service is for the people who don’t really want to have to think about all that. Just know this…

You will be on a virtual private server (or VPS). That alone will give you more horsepower than most shared web hosts out there. Even most managed Wordpress hosts will tightly cap your disk space, your bandwidth, or the number of sites. With a VPS, your only limit is server horsepower.

Well, it is kind of intended for one site at a time. It is mostly geared toward small business sites that are processing some sales and just need things to work. I’m certainly willing to bend a little to your requirements, within reason. If you come to me with 2 or 3 smaller sites and you’d like them hosted all together, I can make that happen for you as part of this service. The server your site will be on can definitely accommodate more than one site. But, be aware that each site means more updates to keep track of and more potential tweaks I’ll need to do to maximize performance for you. So, each site is indeed more work. 🙂 That’s the nature of this service. So, I’m not going to personally manage your whole army of sites. That’s not really what this service is intended for. 

You can cancel service at any time. You’re never stuck with me and I’m not going to hold your site hostage. So, no worries. 🙂

Your site will be on Cloudways. So, you’ll have 2 options. (1) You can sign up for your own Cloudways account and I will simply transfer your site over to your own server (or the whole server to your account) and you’ll take over from there. Or, (2) You can sign up for any other host you want and migrate the site over. I’ll be there to help you.

I have zero interest in holding you or your site hostage. You can stick with this service as long as it is working out for you (and for me, frankly). And if you would like to move your site, it is YOUR site and we’ll make sure it happens without any downtime.

You and I will be primarily dealing with each other via email. If absolutely necessary, we can hop onto a quick Zoom call, but in most cases this will be email. No impersonal support ticket systems. Just email like you would email any normal person. You’ll just say “Hey Dave” and tell me what’s on your mind. And we’ll get in there and take care of business.

First, I’m going to help you move your site (obviously). Then, once your site is situated, I’m going to take stock in your setup. I may recommend some plugin changes to you for performance or capability reasons. In some cases, I can simply provide that plugin at no charge (I have licenses to a lot of stuff already). I’ll do some performance tweaks as needed to ensure your site is nice and fast and everything seems to be working nicely.

From then on, I will monitor your site over time to make sure things are running smoothly. When things need to be updated, I’ll take care of it. If something unexpected happens, I’ll jump in to right the ship. If you have any questions about anything, you just ask. And you’ve got up to an hour of service time per month, so if you need me to jump in and take care of little things on your behalf, that can be done. If you need something more substantial done, you’ll have access to discounted service credits so you can purchase additional services.

Of course not. My members here know that I have certain things that I recommend. And I certainly have certain tools I’m very well acquainted with. In some cases, I will be faster for you if you’re using the tools I know well. But, I’m not going to be one of those arrogant dudes who says you have to use what I know and everything else sucks. Everybody has their own way of doing things. So, by all means, if you’re grooved in and like a tool that I don’t, I won’t try to change your mind. It’s your site. You’re in control.

Most definitely, you will have full administrative access to your own Wordpress site. It is YOUR site. Not mine. 🙂 I will need to also have an admin profile, though, to allow me to help manage things for you.

As for the hosting admin panel, here’s how that works…

Obviously, the main point of this Concierge Hosting service is that you don’t need to concern yourself with the “guts” of your hosting. So, by default, I will be managing everything. However, if you would like direct access to the hosting panel, I’ll get you set up. You will just need to create your own free Cloudways account and then I will grant you access to your own server. From there, you’ll be able to do hosting-related things (like create a staging site copy, restore backups, etc.) on your own without necessarily having to go through me.

The way Cloudways works, you will be on a virtual private server with dedicated resources. Even their base level servers are usually far more powerful than most shared hosting providers. This also means that your site will not be subject to anything that other site owners are doing, and I will be able to tweak the server to your site’s needs without worrying about affecting anybody else.

I could stuff several clients onto one VPS server. In fact, there’s a lot of typical resellers that would do exactly that in order to maximize their margins. But, that’s not the game I play. I charge more so that I can provide a quality service and remove all the hassle. And part of that is that you’re going to be on your own dedicated VPS server. In very rare cases, if it becomes necessary to really beef up your server for performance reasons, I’ll be in touch with you about how we can make that work (cost-wise).

No. My focus is on your website. You can buy and manage your domain anywhere you please. If you want my recommendations, I prefer and I like to run DNS service through Cloudflare. In fact, I will probably suggest we move your DNS service to Cloudflare anyway just for the additional security functionality. It won’t cost you anything and it’s easy. As for email, I personally use and recommend FastMail. However, you could also use any other service, including Google, Gmail, Zoho Mail, Rackspace Email, etc.

As always, if you have any other questions first, feel free to contact us and we’ll knock it out.

What's Your Time Worth?

Let me remove the frustration and hassle of your website… so you can focus on growing your business.

Space is limited. In order to ensure that we are able to fully serve every client, I am limiting the number of slots for this service.

Once you’re signed up, I will be reaching out to you directly to gather details needed to migrate your site.

$ 95 per month
  • 100% managed hosting (via Cloudways) for max performance of your website. This is no-hassle for you.
  • Performance optimizations done for you without you having to wade though the tech or buy anything extra
  • Managed software updates (including theme, plugins)
  • "First Name Basis" support, where I will be your point of contact and I am always there to help with what comes up
  • Includes up to one hour each month of technical assistance on whatever might be needed

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