Build A Powerful Online Business Platform Without The Headache

Let's build your WordPress membership site into a streamlined, automated profit center.

What You Will Find Here

What you will find here is a mix between business strategy and technical walk-throughs. I cover topics such as membership sites, site building, marketing automation, traffic, entrepreneurship, and more. Additionally, you’re going to see that I routinely provide tool and plug-in reviews so you can build the “plumbing” to make it all work.

The Blog Marketing Academy contains hundreds of articles, hundreds of hours of training videos over multiple courses and workshops, a document library, community forums, and much more.

For those who want more direct personal help, I offer technical services, coaching calls and even an ongoing membership where I will be your webmaster.

My Guiding Principles

Get ongoing access to every single course in the training library, plus access to the Vault, video library, and automatic savings on client services.

Need help getting your WordPress-focused online business systems working right? That’s my jam. I’m like the Wordpress “plumber”. 😉 Whether it is a simple setup or a full membership site build-out, I can get it goin’ for you.

Zero-hassle, ongoing support for your Wordpress site. I will be your webmaster and you’ll still be on a first-name basis with your “web dude”. I’ll be your main point of contact… there to help you with the technical part of your website.

Hop on a personal, private call to discuss your business and work out any confusions you might be having. Business strategy or working out technical constraints… whatever is needed to get you unstuck. Just book and we’ll meet up by Zoom or phone. No contracts. Super flexible. On your terms.

What Clients Are Saying

Dave, It’s hard for me to identify exactly all the things you are doing monthly on my website. But tech has run so smoothly since I joined your monthly maintenance program it has made my life so much simpler and better. It clearly is making a positive impact on the function of my online business. Your monthly maintenance program, combined with the transition from Infusionsoft to FluentCRM which you engineered and completed, has saved me $4-500.00 each month, likely in excess of $5000 yearly while greatly reducing my tech headaches AND at the same time helping my online business be more self reliant.
Chuck Gilmore
"If you run a blog or membership website and you want someone that is knowledgeable, honest, efficient, trustworthy and just a genuinely nice and fun person to work with, you've found your man."
Mark Farrell


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I use THE EDGE to share insights from the business, behind-the-scenes lessons, new tools I’m coming across, news from the WordPress space and more. I make a point to make THE EDGE a balance between business, technology and lessons from the entrepreneurial journey I’ve been on for over 25 years now.