Business Building Bootcamp

No list. No product. No blog. You’ve got nothing but ideas. Let’s get off the starting line in a predictable way… and we’ll do it together.

Only LAB PRO members can participate in this member challenge.

A couple years ago, I delivered a series of live workshops. Those workshops became known as the Business Building Bootcamp and it is now available to all LAB PRO members inside our LAB portal.

In those workshops, we started out at square one assuming nothing. And we covered things like:

  • Establishing and confirming your niche choice
  • How to evaluate a market to see if it is worth pursuing
  • Researching your market and finding out how best to serve it.
  • The order of focus on building up your site from nothing… and the exact things to test along the way
  • Building mini-funnels and executing tests to get “signs of life”, therefore removing doubt about what will work.

The entire purpose of the series was to give people an orderly, predictable pathway to the outcome they want. Starting from zero… and ultimately getting to a point of confidence of what will work for them and a plan to move forward. In fact, if students do everything as covered, they could make their first sale before they start regularly blogging!

But, the Bootcamp is now over 2 years old. Plus, much of the value of the workshops was the interaction and the ability to get real-time feedback along the way.

So, we’re going to do it again. But, just a bit differently than before.

TL;DR Version…

  • Brand new, interactive version of the super popular Business Building Bootcamp
  • Step-by-step blueprint (and walkthrough) for starting your blog-based business from scratch. Assuming no email list, no product, no blog, and perhaps not even a solid niche yet.
  • We’ll do it as a member challenge. You can do it on your own schedule, yet you’ll have the backup of the community all doing it at the same time.
  • Questions from the community will be answered in video format and made a part of the official course.
  • This is your one opportunity to have the ability to participate in the live, interactive bootcamp and get the benefits of the community and interaction. All future members will only have recordings.
  • Only open to active LAB PRO members.

To Learn More About The Bootcamp, Here’s The Introduction Video Recorded For Members…

Would you like to participate in this member challenge? Here’s how…

Upgrade Your Membership To Participate In This Challenge

Bootcamp officially kicked off on February 1st, but it is never too late to join us.

All you need to do to be able to attend this new Bootcamp and participate in the community experience is to be an active LAB PRO member. Any active monthly, annual or lifetime membership will do.

Of course, when you activate your PRO membership, you’ll also gain access to every other benefit of membership, too. As a reminder, that includes:

  • Every single course in our course library, including the Membership Site Blueprint, Email Marketing Engine, Product Creation Blueprint and more
  • Full access to our growing Tech Training library
  • The Online Business Roadmap to guide you step by step through the entire library
  • Access to the Tech Concierge & the Help Hotline
  • Access to all office hours Q&A sessions (both live and recordings)
  • Access to all workshops
  • Access to the full Document Vault

You can get started right away. You can even get started with the previously recorded version of the Business Building Bootcamp. But, more importantly…

You’ll be in on the brand new, member challenge. Even if the Bootcamp is already under way, you’ll be able to participate in the interactive aspect of it… something future members won’t be able to do.

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