The Web As You Knew It Is Dying – And This Is How It Has Changed Everything For Bloggers and Marketers

Everything changes. And the internet is certainly changing. Here’s what’s happening… and what this means for bloggers, content creators and online marketers.

  • Bruce B says:

    The whole world is now moving to Apps, from accessing my bank, to tracking my car via GPS everything has an app. People now live life through their smartphones, so an online business be it new or established needs to get into this app culture.

    • David Risley says:

      I would agree with that, although it is sort of a different point than I was making in this article.

    • Tony (Michael) Ballas says:

      Bruce that was my first thoughts at the beginning of David’s article was to find a way to create an app. Even before this it has come to mind that everyone and everything is being built around an app, probably to do with an easier way to connect with the cell phone business and play phenomenon.

      David Risley, Help! Where do we go with this possibility of an app for our customers, community, or members?

      Lots to think on and try to do!
      If anyone can help! Please Call ! Tony @ 443-852-6550

      This is my cell.
      Trying to build a membership site for beginning and intermediate photographers.

      Place to interact among ourselves, and be somewhat social and more a place for serious inquiry and critiques and suggestions.

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