5 Reasons Why Banner Advertising Is The DUMBEST Way To Monetize Your Blog

Calling it like it is when it comes to the effectiveness of using banner ads to monetize your blog. If you’re going to use banner ads on your blog, you MUST go into it knowing what the deal is (and what you’re giving up).

  • Hello David, I know you have many posts on how to monetize a blog, but if ads ( specifically in text ads and banner ads from infolinks) are the primary source of income, what other realistic ways do I have of monetizing my currently small time blog?

    Alec Mcchesney
    The Sports Table

    • David Risley says:

      Hey Alec,

      It looks like you’re using your blog as primarily a news site in the sports niche, and like I said in this post, the news business is a difficult one without banner ads. Thing is, a site like your’s could still be treated more like a business.

      I see you’re not building a list or offering any lead magnets (that I can see). So, first thing would be to start building a real list (not the current subscribe option you have). Preferably real lead magnets (I have a plan for that inside the Lab). This will allow you to segment your list.

      Next up, look to segment your audience into groups based on what they ARE trying to accomplish. This segmented audience then opens up opportunities for more targeted promotions to them – even for products of your own at some point. But, in shorter term, maybe direct ad deals or targeted affiliate offers.

  • CANEVET F says:

    Hi David

    It depends of the niche ; un B2B the Adsense ads are very good for emailing, CRM… that have a high CTR.

    And you can put Adsense and you own ads. That is what I do 😀

    I put Adsenses Ad on top of the post, and my banner in the sidebar, within the text…


    • David Risley says:

      “very good” relevant to what? It might be very good if you don’t have any other options, but honestly, there’s MUCH better ways to go in B2B than Adsense. And the fact that you’re running your own ads would seem to point to the fact that you must have something worthwhile of your own to advertise. So, why detract from the whole thing using Adsense ads?

  • David, I appreciate all of the help and it is noted completely. I am 100 percent attempting to treat it like a business and plan on moving forwards as a business. Unfortunately, in the early stages, we don’t have much backing and because of that, are limited to our options of making a list.

  • Hey David,

    I loved this post because it comes at a perfect time where I’m evaluating banner ads on my blog. At one point I was making nearly $5-10k per month with google because I had two sites that ranked well for work at home terms. One site was really designed around adsense and it did very well. Whereas my blog was really designed more around content but I slapped banners on there to make some more money. In any event my business side knew it was a horrible idea not to have my own product. I knew I wasn’t building for the longterm. But the adsense money was too easy to resist.

    2012 hit and I lost all the rankings for those terms that was feeding my site and blog. So my traffic dropped down 80% and thus so did most of my income because it was dependent on these ads and affiliate marketing. I’ve wised up and finally created my own products for my blog and it’s doing well. The blog was always more a truer reflection of me because the content was well written and solved problems. So I have a good following there that I’m now funneling more into my own products rather than just affiliate links which still provide a bulk of my income. But I also still have a few adsense banners because it does provide some income that is sorely needed. But I’m getting my blog to the point where the products are becoming the main source of income and surpassing what I earn with adsense. I think at that point I’ll totally get rid of it then. But there is a part of me that says well what would happen if you did get rid of the ads sooner? Would the sales of your products increase and get you to your goal of self sufficiency quicker?

    Maybe it’s something I test for a week and then do the math to see if just makes “cents” literally. lol In any event, keep up the good work. I’ve purchased a few of your front end products and they’ve been very useful.

    But I also like studying your funnel and process because as a marketer i learn a lot and can appreciate how everything flows into each other. Well played. I’m probably going to join your membership site. But I just want to finish launching somethings on my end first so I have the time to dive in and apply what you’re teaching.

    Although just going through some of your initial products I wish I would have done things a bit differently with my front end products so they were designed to feed into the membership site I’m creating. But I think I’ll be able to remedy that especially if I become a member of your site and can ask questions.

    Thanks again.

    Eddy with a y

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