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7 Reasons NOT To Use A Facebook Group For Your Membership Site (Episode 158)

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For the longest time inside The Lab, my private community was running inside of a closed Facebook group. My thinking was this:

  • My members most likely are already on Facebook
  • They find it easy to use
  • It saves me hassle
  • Notifications will mean they see conversations

As I now sit here a couple years later, I realize I was mistaken.

In this episode of Coffee Break Blogging, I share with you 7 specific reasons why I decided, after a couple years of having my member community on Facebook, I switched to a privately hosted forum for our Lab Community.

I also recommend that anybody else looking to have a private community inside of their membership site should set up from the start on a private forum that you own and control.

Give this episode a listen… and learn from my mistakes.

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