The Fastest (Often Overlooked) Way To Making Money Online

Looking to make money fast? If you’re looking to do that through traditional blog monetization, you will likely be sorely disappointed. Let’s talk about what works.

  • Dave Doolin says:

    Steve Pavlina recommends thinking about the blog as providing “passive value” rather than passive income, at least at the start. That makes a lot of sense to me.

    Some things I’ve noticed in 3 years:

    * For a straight, “passive income” blogging play, it almost has to be advertising driven. I know very few blogs in this category which aren’t (that is, i know none). In this case, the blogger is an online _publisher_, and needs to think of the publishing business in that way.

    * Give away strategy, sell tactics. Eben Pagan is the master at this. Closer to home, I suspect Corbett Barr is also pretty good at it too, but I’m not yet a paid customer of his. One reason this makes good sense it that strategy tends to be timeless, tactics blow with the wind, so it’s a lot harder to get motivated to keep tactically oriented material up to date.  Freelancing is definitely a strategy.

    I could probably go on; I’ll stop here.

    • David Risley says:

      There isn’t really anything passive about a blog, anyway. One has to update it. 🙂 One could hire it out, but it still has to be done.

    • Monica Nicky Moore says:

      Sorry to be dense in this, but I’m having a mental block on the difference between strategy and tactic. Can you clarify that thought for me so I can wrap my head around it?

      • Michael Bely says:

        Hey Monica,

        Maybe I’m here a bit late, but anyway.

        Let me put it this way. Strategy is a map with directions, paths, hills, rivers, forest and desert areas etc. Tactics, for example, is what kind of boots you need for a specific terrain.

      • Salvador says:

        Strategy is the important action you will do in the long term to reach your business objetives; tactics are all the small short term actions you will do to support your strategy.

  • Anonymous says:

    I personally have found this to be very true and is how I use my blog.  I did not start out to do it that way, but discovered along the road that it was the best way to go.   I have integrated lots of affiliate offers and have a decent list too, but the bulk of my income still comes from freelance services.  Thanks David! 

    • David Risley says:

      Yep. Like I said, the “trick” is to transition out of it. I’m not saying people have to keep on doing freelance work forever, but it is a much more logical evolution than what people usually try (which is from zero to full-fledged info marketing).

  • Too many people are looking for the get rich quick, when I start working on my blogs, people were like “all you do is work on your blogs/websites” and all you made is 500$ last month?? They didn’t see this was all a building block towards the future, now they see how much I make and want to do the same, but as soon as I say it took me years to get where I am, they usually drop their interest,

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks, great advice! I’ve started a blog of programming tutorials, but maybe I could take on some freelancing on the side at some point … it’s actually a pretty logical solution, now that I think about it.

  • Nick Horton says:

    AMEN. That’s exactly what I did, and now it’s really come back around and paid off. I have both an online AND offline business (I own a gym, and am a weightlifting coach). I blogged for 5 years before I released my eBook. Now it’s selling well and i have a relatively large audience for my niche. But that was only possible because I could back my shit up with real-world results. 

    Blogging is really just a vehicle for helping spread some message that you believe will help others to be better in some way. But that starts with doing good for people in the real world.

    Great advice David!!

  • This article is spot on with what I’ve been realizing in the “make money online” stuff that I’ve been reading. There are all kinds of “gurus” out there that push the passive income model, but they don’t take the time to point out that they were doing freelance work prior to their success as information marketers. Thanks for telling it like it is.

  • Courtney James says:

    Thank you for being the voice of reason.

    I’ve been a writer for hire for five years and I haven’t looked back.

    I have no idea why people frown on freelancing. I’ve had clients fly me halfway around the world to shake my hand and hold a business meeting.

    I’ve met some of the coolest people I could ever imagine through freelancing.

    Heck, some days I feel like crying because life is so good. I have no idea how I ever survived flipping burgers 12 hours a day.

    I’m just a guy from Northern Ontario.

  • Kitty says:

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  • PortSomewhere says:

    It’s all glamor and lights
    for newbies wanting to make money online. I started my blog about
    random topics and realized if I wanted to earn anything I’d need to
    find a niche’. I found so many unreliable sites giving bad info just
    to get some poor schmuck to buy a certain product, so I decided I
    would change the direction of my blog to to help others learn as I do
    about blogging to make money online. (I know beat me now.)

    Several articles in, I
    realized I wasn’t making any progress in traffic or search engines, a
    lesson all its own. By then I felt trapped in my topic. I truly
    believe my blog is honest and relevant which is why I keep doing it,
    but by the time I get anywhere (if I do) I will likely have earned
    more recycling a single soda can everyday for 10 years with the blog alone.

    I see 2 primary reasons
    for that. 1) The competition is fierce with very successful people
    already on the first 2 pages of search engines. 2) Many people come
    to a blog to learn about making money online because they’re broke
    and if I don’t have a program/product to help them do that quickly
    then I’m just a piece of advice.

    Freelancing is definitely
    a more lucrative option. 
    Sorry to have taken so much of your real
    estate here. I hope you don’t mind. 

  • Good article for me to focus on something else to make money… 🙂 Everyone who wants to start blogging for money should read this first!

  • Andy Black says:

    What a great post. 

    Isn’t it something like 20,000 hours or 5 years work to be world-class at something?  Where do you build up that expertise if not working for someone else doing it, or as a freelancer providing others that expertise?

    Passive income is the holy grail, but don’t want to work 16 hours a day so that I can make money while I sleep.

    A lot of people want my help, maybe I should just allow them to pay me for it!  🙂

    Great post that really resonates with me.

  • Joseph says:

    It is true that if you create a blog with a purpose – to make money from it is a bad idea, but most of us think it is most important. The secret of a good blog is a quality content, excellent SEO optimization and.. Time! The methods described here are really good!

  • Well, all I can suggest is creating blog anyway. I don’t think that it will be hard even for a newbie to fill it with 5-10 articles written in the right way for SEO.

    Most of the time Search Engines take too much time to “spot” you. So, you create a blog, feel it with content and start freelancing. While you freelance, Search Engines will “let” your blog in. 🙂

  • Nothing is like what you think it is.
    Blogging to the bank… this isn’t. Except to pay all the bills!

    Free lance? Never even entered my mind.
    But….even a 2 year old “newbie” knows a few things
    that someone, somewhere needs to know.

    You just have to point out what you know that they need to know without
    throwing out the baby with the bath water….except most of the time I just write about it
    and they can read for free if they find my blog post!

  • Oren Farber says:

    Great post. Clearcut and very helpful. I wish you riches and success.

  • suzymon says:

    Thank you so much, David. I really love to write, so my blog showcases my skill. I started my blog only a month and a half ago (well I set it up before that, but only started posting consistently then) and I was featured on a local radio show today. I have been taking bits and pieces of your material and applying it, along with tips and ideas from other places. It is a process, but it is so much more enjoyable than my “day job.” I have a track record as a writer, and blogging has helped me to come back to that and see hope for making it really profitable in the long run. I will go back over much of your material and applying it bit by bit as I learn the ropes. My blog is I have purchased the url and would like to move it there, eventually. I think you suggested that in one of the first posts I read by you. Also, I plan on getting into Aweber. I know I am missing a lot of details and technical aspects, but I also know it will come together, especially with your helpful guidance. You have a fabulous site here with incredibly helpful information. I will be recommending you to others, also.

  • Rohit Singh says:

    Great post thanks and yes you mentioned some of the best ways to make money by blogging but one of important factor which is often overlooked is patience and this is where many beginner bloggers get frustrated so what I mean is that they have to give some time and as time grows they will see more income rolling in

    • Laria says:

      I couldn’t agree more. People see the success of others that have been doing it for years and think they can just blog for a month and get rich. Blogging is a long term commitment that not a lot of people are willing to make.

  • FloydDTull says:

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