How To Find and Hire Writers For Your Blog (The Complete Guide)

One of the big bottlenecks for blogging is, ironically, the actual blogging.

It can be pretty time intensive creating all your own content. So, depending on your business model and your intentions, there are times when hiring other writers is the best way to go. It is what I do over on PCMech and, were it not for them, PCMech wouldn’t exist. I simply don’t have time to keep up with that site and this one all by myself.

  • Dave Doolin says:

    “One of the big bottlenecks for blogging is, ironically, the actual blogging.”

    I may be an exception here… If only this were true for me.  I have to *stop* myself from writing (and from coding) to get all that other really necessary stuff done. Like, promotion, twittering, paying bills. Eating. 

    That said, these are solid tips. And thank you for emphasizing being a “publisher.” I’ve been harping at people over the last 18 months about this. 

    Oh yeah, Inner Circle… I need to pivot my main web site, I would like to lean on Inner Circle to maintain momentum on that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fortunately for me, I enjoy writing so posting myself is not really an issue but I do dream of a time when my blog makes enough money to hire other writers.   Having said that, if I were to hire someone who writes as well as I do, knows  my subject matter as well and takes the time necessary to create the kind of quality post my readers have come to expect, I’d have to pay them a lot more than 20 bucks.  I guess that means I will  never hire other writers!  Good thing I enjoy it!  

    Of course then again, maybe it is a reflection of the fact that I put too much into my blog posts.  It is FREE content after all. 

    Thanks for the great article David.   I wanna barf when I hear “gurus” tell you to post articles you only pay 5 bucks for.   Might as well let your cat attack your keyboard and post that! 

    • David Risley says:

      Yeah, you don’t get anything stellar for $5, that’s for sure. But, it really depends on your purpose, too. If you’re just trying to spam the article directories, that’s one thing. But, a quality blog post is another.

  • I am glad you wrote this article because a lot of bloggers seem to think that they need to be the one responsible for writing the content all the time. There comes a time to find others to join the team and help streamline and automate the entire process. I am especially looking for an affordable and yet awesome writer to help with creating some deeply research pillar articles.

    What do you think of this idea Dave? I am thinking of hiring several foreign journalist to help with my content research and creation (granted I will still be responsible for creating my videos). Journalist because they are already skilled at creating a story and narrative based on factual research. Foreign because hey, I want a very affordable option. LOL!

    • David Risley says:

      Well, going foreign might be cheaper, but it almost always means more hassle. They don’t share the language, for one.

      In terms of research, you can find people who do that. But, content creation in any form is a completely different animal.

  • This is a great guide, David. I’ve thought about this a bit already for the future of my blog, and a lot of what you’ve said here makes sense. I’ll definitely come back when I’m more serious about hiring others.

  • krissy knox says:

    I have thought about this topic a lot, and you have written a very good guide, David.  You have shown that things need to be well thought out and in place before a blogger “comes on board.”  I found it interesting what you said about management and how these writers/bloggers “don’t share your vision of your site/ won’t know what to do.”  I have always thought in the past that I would not allow someone to blog for me if they didn’t share my vision of my blog.  But that isn’t always a reality, now is it?  You can be sure you have a blogger(s) on the same page, and find out he is not.  I found that out from past experience…  So I’m looking forward to see what you write about next.  Thanks for a great post, David. 🙂 

    • David Risley says:

      I don’t think it is realistic for another writer to be completely on the same page as you. After all, its your blog, your baby. Not their’s. They don’t really have an emotional stake in it. That is, of course, you set up the situation so that they do. 🙂

  • PJ Brunet says:

    Regarding the “gate keeper” aspect, in the magazine world the writer submits a proposal first–to avoid working on something the rag doesn’t want.  

  • David – Solid overview of hiring a blog writer. 

    This is something I did for a bit on my main blog while I traveled.  Her writing was great; but I felt that there were some areas that were lacking; simply because she couldn’t crawl into my head and write about the topics with in-depth detail. 

    I’m now hiring a blog-writer for another blog and I definitely agree with your points about finding someone who matches the requirements you have for the site.  Right now, I’m using Elance; but in the future; I’ll follow your suggestion and try contacting readers/subscribers.  Frankly, that’s something that didn’t occur to me.  Thanks! 

    • David Risley says:

      You might wanna try those blogger job boards. It fits a much better demographic. On Elance, you tend to get a lot of generic writers and their passion for your topic is usually missing.

      •  Good idea…I just took a look at all the bidders and none of them seem to have the requisite writing background.  I’ll hop over and take a look at the blogger job boards. 

  • My perspective is from the flip side of things too (I both have my own blog and am a hired blogger for other people), I can say this – the best relationships are when you hire someone you really trust to do the job (and to do it well). You do have to give some direction, at least at first, but you want to find someone who will not only do an amazing job in terms of providing content, but who will take the reigns and do the job without 10 emails a day. How much is your time worth?

    Also, think of it like hiring a baby-sitter – you of course want someone who knows how to care for a child, but it’s much better if that someone is a family member you trust rather than a stranger from craigslist, even if the craigslist sitter is more experienced and wants less money. It’s usually worth hiring the person with less experience or higher rates if you can trust him/her. Twitter is my favorite “job board” because of that – people you already know or your friends know might be looking for work and trust has a foundation because there’s a relationship there already.

  • I just took a look at all the bidders and none of them seem to have the requisite writing background.  I’ll hop over and take a look at the blogger job boards.Thank you for giving that informations

  • I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  • says:

    Well said! It’s a very informative post, especially when it was based on real life experience. I’m also planning to hire writers for my business, and I got enough information from your written experience. Thanks David.

  • Aaron Wright says:

    Hey, great primer on paying for blog posts. I am trying to get better at outsourcing my work and taking more of a management type role to become more productive, and I’m looking into hiring some writers for my blog. This post is a big help. Thanks.

  • Scott says:

    This was an AWESOME POST. Very Informative.. but I was able to skip to the points that I needed lol.

    Best, Scott Warner

  • Thank you so much for this! I have been a freelance writer for over 8 years and I recently started a blog then found my own workload increasing on a daily basis. I’m now forced to hire but wasn’t sure where to start, even though I myself have written posts for others before. This will help me alot and hopefully I’ll find a great writer!

  • Hi, great article. Yeah, we are currently looking for writers. I have been paying $6 for 500 words and I am thinking of increasing it.

    What do you guys think?

  • How do you know your writer didn’t reuse content that is or will be published?

  • Lauren Dodge says:

    Wow – this was actually informative, thank you. $8-15 posts sound ludicrous to me, though. We’re you actually getting decent quality? We’re they just repeating news bubble or did they have genuinely interesting things to say?

  • Julia Jones says:

    I don’t know what part of the country you are in, but I find some of this info unbelievable. I’m not acquainted with any true professional writer who would agree not to be paid for their work if you decide not to use it. Also, the rates are unbelievably low. $7-$20 per post? Really? If you’re hiring writers at that rate, you are underpaying them.

    • David Risley says:

      Hey Julia,

      It all depends on who you hire. Sure, there are people who write for a living and have a lot of experience who will charge much higher rates. In some cases, they would be worth hiring. But, for the typical blog post, that isn’t necessary. And, you can find bloggers who will most certainly work for those rates.

      Also, keep in mind, this post was written some time ago. 🙂

  • Dustin says:

    Good post. I’ve been thinking about using a couple freelance writers, and the pay scale seems to be a real wide range.

  • I have my writers picked… “Now” where do I find my blogs that are relevant and have a good audience, PR, DA, etc… For my niche, (Which is weddings, Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana Plantations, things in this bracket. I can’t ask my competition for a blog posting opportunity. I’ve tried a few ways to look it up on Google, I’ve looked at the back links from some of my competitors and can’t seem to find “ANY” good blogs that would benefit them and myself with well written content. I don’t wanna contract this out, but I might have to. Any suggestions??

  • Animish says:

    Good post David. The article really helped me.

  • John says:

    I’ve been considering hiring someone to write good articles about national parks, forests and state equivalents with unique content. That is a lot of posts. Does anyone have suggestions on how to find a cost effective set of writers who can maintain the same upbeat tone and be informative without breaking the bank?

  • April says:

    For let me just say great well rounded article with several key points that need to be considered when outsourcing blog content.

    For the sake of transparency, I manage a seo based content site that handles several content needs from blog management to developing employee training material.

    Something that we practice that I think is vital for any blog is having a specific writer for content, either by hiring someone that you locating or having a business assign one to your website or blog. By having the same person creating your posts, your followers will recognize a passion and voice that is always portrayed.

  • Chris Carter says:

    Great article. Linked to it as a solid blogging guide for my podcast listeners on my latest episode. My folks (independent hair stylists, cosmetologists, etc.) generally don’t blog so anything that will get them off the schneide is a good thing.

  • smarthoughts says:

    Hey there, am new new in this blogging business and I need some help from you guys. From your comments I realized you are experienced bloggers. I want to create a new blog which has this magazine-like appearance and categorize the various topics. My major issue here is getting and keeping the various writers and how to make something out of it to pay the writers and manage the site. The business is somehow new in my country though. Could anyone please help me?

  • Hi David, thank you so much for this comprehensive post. This is a great post for bloggers looking for the ideal companies to work with as well. I’ve been blogging about technology for the past two years, and I recently ventured into freelancing full time. I want to understand how businesses think when it comes to hiring bloggers. So, this is an eye-opener! Thanks! 🙂

  • What if you pay per unique view?

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