Stop Trying To Make Money Online

Might be a little counter-intuitive... but the first step to making money online is to stop trying to make money online. Let me explain...

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The fastest way to make money online is to stop trying to make money online.

Here’s why…

You’d be concentrating on the wrong thing. And not only will you likely not make any progress and easily be misled, but you’ll likely actually repel any success you may have otherwise found.

There are 3 reasons for this. 2 of them are fairly concrete and one of them is a bit “woo woo”, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. 🙂

How To Get All The Money You Want

Money is made valuable by making it more scarce. The more complicated people think it is, the more valuable it will be to us.

Thing is, I also know that the acquisition of money isn’t some secret combination of tricks that only a few have “discovered” (and want to sell you, of course).

Here’s the “secret” to making a ton of money. It is…

  1. Find out what people really freakin’ need or want.
  2. Make the solution more valuable to them than the money in their bank account.
  3. Sell it to them.

That’s it.

Offer something to somebody else which is more valuable to them than the money in their pocket… and they’ll give you their money.

There’s no shortage of money in the world. It is freakin’ everywhere. You just want other people to give their money to you. And you do that by selling them something which is more valuable to them than their money.

So, concentrating on “make money online” is the wrong thing to focus on. Money is a byproduct of creating and selling something to others which they find valuable.

So, the wrong question is “how can I make money online”?

The RIGHT question is… “what can I do or provide to others, via the Internet, that they’ll think is so valuable that they’ll pay me for it?

Good ol’ fashioned business, right there. Making money online… or blog monetization… is no secret at all. Doesn’t stop people from looking for one, though. About that…

Ooohhh… Shiny Magic Bullet You Got There. Can I Buy Your Secrets?

People are funny. They want mystery. They are attracted to mysteries like a fly is attracted to a pile of poop. And people with their snake oil products know that and take advantage of it like crazy.

I guess a lot of people just can’t deal with a simplicity. They don’t want to hear that you just have to do something really valuable for others and you’ll make money. They don’t want to DO anything! And, by golly, it HAS to be more complicated than that, right?

And so, you have the general “make money online” market. A market with a lot of products you could buy. Many of them quite good… many of them quite shitty.

If you’re looking for secrets, there’s plenty of folks out there willing to sell them to you. And if you search for “make money online” (which we’ve already shown is the wrong focus anyway), you’re very likely going to find these things and you could very well get taken in by them.

Just remember…

Product collectors don’t make money. Buying a product isn’t taking action. Its when the action begins.

And any training product which is marketed to you on the basis of a lot of wealth promises with little to no work by discovering secrets… run. Run as fast as you can.

Remember Playing With Magnets As A Kid?

I used to get a kick out of playing with magnets. What I thought was particularly fascinating was when you try to connect two ends of the magnets with had the same polarity. What happens?

They’ll repel.

Its actually pretty cool. 🙂 The magnets will literally try to push away from each other when you try to connect the same polarity.

Funny thing is… it kind of works the same way in life many times. Different causation, perhaps. But, similar outcome.

That thing that you really, REALLY need is the thing that is very hard to acquire. The moment you stop giving a crap, it is easy to get.

It is almost like polarity. If you go for something of the same polarity, it’ll repel. Stop giving a crap (different polarity) and all of a sudden it is easier to attract.

You ever noticed how when you’re really in a hurry to get somewhere by car, all of a sudden everybody is driving slow, every light turns red and its like the world is conspiring to keep you from arriving? I freakin’ HAAATTTEEE that! 🙂 But, if you really couldn’t care less when you get there, its more likely to be smooth sailing.

Desperation drives things way.

You may have seen or known people who things just gravitate naturally to. They seem to just have money. From my observation, it is often because they don’t take the subject of money very seriously. They’re concentrating on something different and money is the byproduct.

Now, I know full well that to tell somebody who wants more income that the answer is to stop caring about it… well, that makes no sense. 🙂 Still kind of true, in my opinion. But, quite counter-intuitive, I admit.

So, here’s something more practical…

Up top, I talked about how looking for ways to make money online is a sure-fire way not to make any money online. That’d be a case of trying to jam two identical magnetic poles together… and it’ll repel.

Solution: Stop focusing on money and start focusing on how you can provide value to others. That’s a case of opposite poles. And opposite poles attract. You’ll then get more money by doing that.

It is really odd how the physical world often works in reverse like this, but it seems to do exactly that.

Give more and you’ll often get more.

Learn how to waste something and you’ll have plenty of it. If you, instead, tend to horde something and hide it away for a later day, you’ll find it harder to get.

If you pinch every penny and are afraid to spend any money at all, you’ll find money harder to acquire.

Want To Make Money Online?

Great. Then do the exact opposite of what might come naturally to you. Instead, do this….

  1. Stop looking for ways to make money.
  2. Start looking for ways to provide value to others.

Inside the Blog Monetization Lab, the entire model is based on creating a value loop. You create valuable stuff based on what your target market needs and wants… and you set up a specific structure to attract them and create that value loop.

Sure, there are mechanics involved – all stuff we teach and do inside the Lab.

But, it starts with creating VALUE. Always has… and always will.


  1. I think this is largely a mindset and attitude issue.. for me, instead of trying to make money now.. I am more excited to see which for my ads or keyworks are converting, what people are looking for.. so that in turn I can offer them a solution they want..

    I love your advice on running away as fast as possible when you heard about little work.. My sense is there if there is little work required, it probably meant the seller have more things to sell you so that you “don’t need” to do the work..

    Just my 2 cents~

  2. Hey David,

    I’ve heard this so many times before: “there MUST be just one little thing I still don’t know about that is stopping me from becoming an internet marketing millionaire and nobody wants to tell me about it”

    And sadly speaking, I believed this myself when I was getting started as well so I understand when people think there IS a missing link somewhere but they are still, yet to find it.

    Cool thing is, it’s just like you say it here “Stop focusing on money and start focusing on how you can provide value to others” but nobody wants to work or people just want to believe it.

    Fantastic article man (but you probably already know that), I really enjoyed reading it.


    PS. Btw I’ll try to write you a podcast review today, I’ve been listening to your podcasts every single day when I’m driving to work and back and I have to say it’s like being personally coached by you with tons of great tips and insights I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

      1. “Offer something to somebody else which is more valuable to them than the money in their pocket… and they’ll give you their money.”

        – Brilliantly said, David! A true Click to Tweet ifever I heard one 🙂

  3. Love this! The more you hear of the success out there, the more copycats stand up and try to get theirs. I don’t know how many podcasters I’ve heard recently that want to do whatever it takes to do exactly what John Lee Dumas has done with Entrepreneur On Fire. Damn the consequences and the lack of true passion. Thanks for putting it out there that the true value you provide is worth more than just the dollars you may receive.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. And, people can do what Dumas has done, but what they can’t do is copy him. He’s a unique guy, and other podcasters need to be who they are and offer value in their own way.

  4. I think you hit the nail right on the head. It’s a very selfish approach focussing ‘just’ on getting the money, because what it equates to is wanting to make money putting in as little value as possible. When you start to operate from a point of value, you will get value in return (in the form of money).

    I think it is also important to focus on changing yourself. As you mentioned desperation drives things away, therefor it is vital to be self-conscious about thoughts and habits. This applies not only to business but many (if not all) aspects of live. ‘First we building our habits, then they build us’.

    1. Good points.

      For the record, tho, my point wasn’t that it is selfish to look for ways to make money online. It sorta makes sense, actually. You want money, so you go search for how to make it show up. Problem is that by looking for it in that order, you’re setting yourself up for a likely letdown. If you focus on giving rather than receiving, then making money just becomes natural. Both on a spiritual level… but also just brass tacks of what makes a business function.

      1. Important to note about selfishness… there is an important distinction between selfish and self interest, the former being a negative and the latter being the engine that propels success. Before trying to make money online there has to be powerful self interest that drives you to some business idea.

        The corollary to this idea is that other people are also self interested. And that leads directly to the article’s hypothesis. That is, figure out what people care deeply about for their self interest and give them an easy way to satisfy it.

        This solves both ends of the self interest spectrum at the same time; both the seller and the buyer.


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