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Sent to members on May 15, 2018

Announcing new pilot program

Building up an online business is a rather lonely experience.

Sure, there are a lot of online communities around it. There’s a lot of bloggers talking about it. There’s a lot of videos, webinars, social media groups – you name it.

Yet, it’s still rather lonely.

That is, unless you’re doing it with somebody else.

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Even with all that conversation going on, it often still feels as if people don’t fully “get” what YOU’RE doing. It can feel like everybody else has things under control, but you don’t. You can feel stalled. Overwhelmed. Confused about what to do next.

It is something that I try to help with inside THE LAB.

THE LAB is about way more than just online training. It is also about the support. Via the community forums, the office hours, the workshops, the member feedback system and more, I am quite accessible to my Lab members and I’m there to do what I can to alleviate every constraint… every confusion.

But, still…

That is a “push” system, not a “pull”. In other words, the resources are there, but it is up to each individual Lab member to reach for it.

And – s**t happens. 🙂 Life… happens. Shiny objects can distract us. We have time constraints. And, for whatever reason, sometimes Lab members just fall off the radar.

Sometimes… I have members run into some confusions or difficulties and they just don’t reach out to me. Somehow, we don’t connect the dots. And again, they fall off the radar.

Because of the scale of the Lab program, though, it remains a push system, not a pull.

I’ve had many people ask for something more.

More accountability.

Some help setting individual goals. And followups to ensure it happens.

I’ve had many ask me for “coaching”. And, while I do offer member calls, I don’t (currently) run any kind of group coaching program. The reason is lifestyle design. I like to travel and go camping a lot in my RV. 🙂 For that reason, I like to keep things simple.

But, I’ve definitely noticed the requests.

So, here’s what I’m doing…

I’m quietly launching a pilot program for something I’m calling LAB PLATINUM.

Content-wise, it is exactly the same as the current Lab membership. All current member benefits remain the same.

Except one thing…

Platinum members will have me working with them personally to set goals, follow up with you, and keep things going in the right direction.

Platinum isn’t just a push system. It is a pull system.

It is accountability. Because, I’ll be reaching out to you, following up on your progress, setting new goals, and helping keep things moving along.

You can learn more about it here.

Who is this the best fit for?

Well, if you feel as if your biggest hurdle with your online business might just be yourself, then Platinum may be a darn good fit for you. 🙂

If you find that group support services typical of online courses and memberships don’t really work for you – and you need something more proactive and personal – then Platinum is for you.

If you’re the kind of person who needs to have that external accountability in order to get things done, then Platinum is for you.

One other thing…

This isn’t your guru’s “coaching program”. 😉 I’m not such an egotistical ass where I’m going to ask $1000 a month (or, as internet marketers like to do it, $997) and all you get is an email or something. I’ve done a lot of private calls with Lab members and heard horror stories where they paid thousands for some “coaching program”, only to feel they got almost nothing in return.

Nah. That’s a bunch of crap.

Besides, it is important to ME that anything I put together be something that I can do with my lifestyle. I want to be able to sit in some campground somewhere, next to my RV, and do this.

So, the way we’ll do Platinum is meant to have some scale to it. It is also meant to be accessible. I don’t want anybody feeling like they have to max a credit card to do this. It is unethical.

During this pilot program stage and as I test the waters, Platinum can be joined for a rather insane rate. You can see what that is here.

One other logistical matter…

If you’re currently a Lab member, then Platinum is an upgraded level. And if you’re a lifetime member, that lifetime does not apply to Platinum.

That’s about it. To learn more of the deets…

See How Platinum Will Work

And with that, I’ll see ya here tomorrow where we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming with The Daily. 🙂

– David

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