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Blog posts that sell

Today, what I’m gonna talk about will be relevant for those of you doing affiliate marketing on your blog. But, before we get into that…

Happy Valentines Day! 🙂 Yeah, I love you, too. 🙂 Alright, let’s do this…

There is a certain kind of blog post which can actually attract traffic to your affiliate links. Simply put, they’ll help you sell more.

First, here’s what most bloggers do when they want to make some commissions…

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They just… drop links everywhere. Maybe write a blog post about it. But, otherwise, it is just dropping links in random places around the blog and crossing your fingers and hoping commissions pop out.

It is kind of the philosophy of the grocery store checkout line. You know, the gum rack and the garbage gazettes. They’re put there at the checkout line in order to provoke an impulse purchase. Sometimes it works. I mean, at least the person going through there is buying already, right?

Well, on your blog, they’re not buying. They’re just there. Yet, when you drop banner ads in your sidebar with those affiliate links, you’re essentially hoping for an “impulse click”. And, it is like trying to find the unicorn, man! Visitors don’t just see a flashy banner and think “Ooohhh, that looks cool! Let me CLICK that!”

It doesn’t  happen.

There’s no intention behind it. That’s the real reason that that kind of affiliate marketing on your blog doesn’t work.

What you need to do is seek people with INTENTION.

You want to seek people who are in the buyer’s mindset. People who are already PRODUCT AWARE and are now simply looking for something to put them over the edge and make it safe for them to buy that thing.

So, how can you position your affiliate links to people who are already product aware?

By crafting blog posts specifically for them. Such as:

  • An in-depth review of that product.
  • A product comparison (“this vs that”)
  • Review video, unboxing, comparison, etc.

When you’re thinking about buying something, you go out and look for reviews. You compare it to the competitors. You look for Youtube videos.

We all do.

So, if you craft that content, those people will arrive on YOUR content. You give them what they want. You include your affiliate link.

Boom! Or more like…. cha-ching!

Personally, I think unboxing videos are stupid. But, they work. The viewers are futurecasting themselves to owning that thing.

Comparisons are awesome. Think Drip vs ActiveCampaign. Thrive Theme vs StudioPress. These kinds of posts would be insanely sought after by people looking to buy those tools.

And it works because of the buyer’s mindset.

You’re taking people who are already thinking of buying and you’re helping them with their decision process.

– David

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