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Sent to members on December 21, 2017

Can you HAVE money?

Today, I wanted to talk about money. After all, chances are you want more money in 2018. Who doesn’t, right? But, I’m gonna get a wee bit philosophical about for a bit.

And I hope it doesn’t make you uncomfortable…

Money is a funny thing. People everywhere get all worked up over it.

My wife and I are not hurting for money. Yet, in our relationship, she’s definitely the cheap one. The idea of spending money just causes her major stress. She will do some rather interesting things and spend serious amounts of time to avoid spending any more money than bare minimum.

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But, it isn’t as if she’s weird. 🙂 There are a lot of people like her. But, what it proves is…

One’s ATTITUDE about money isn’t necessarily dependent on how much one has. And I would argue that one’s attitude about it dictates how much you’ll have.

When one tries to hoarde money, it is out of a perceived lack of having it. Thing is… money is EVERYWHERE. It is flowing all around you constantly. The government prints more of it constantly. Every Friday, millions of people around the country cash their paycheck then go out and spend it over the weekend.

There is NO shortage of money. What there is a shortage of is one’s ATTITUDE that they can have it.

Can you HAVE money?

Or do you get all twisted up over it?

Society has this way of training people to be poor. People with money are looked at as greedy pricks. The “filthy rich”, they’re called. Politicians like to rip on rich people and stereotype them. And on the flip side, society tends to prop up the poor. People without money are looked at as victims of society while people with money are greedy SOBs.

I know I may have just pissed you off with that statement, but it is true. In this society, having money is associated with being guilty. Selling in order to make money is associated with being slimey.

So, many people just have an attitude that means they can’t HAVE money.

Others can. Because they realize money is everywhere. That it can be had just by inserting yourself into the flow of money which happens every day.

I mean…. money is nothing but energy. And it is FLOWING LIKE CRAZY every day. People are spending money and giving it to others ALL THE TIME. To get some for yourself, you insert yourself into the flow. You do that by providing something that they want and value and…. they’ll give you some of their money.

It is so simple… yet people make it so complicated.

And, in my line of work, one of the hardest things I deal with has nothing to do with showing people what to do to build their business. It is how to change their attitude.

I mean, when I see a student or a reader get all off their rocker over spending a few bucks per month on hosting…. or $19/month on Aweber for their email marketing…. WHY?!?! Don’t tell me it is a lack of funds! You probably have a mortgage, a car. You probably eat out every now and then. Don’t tell me you can’t afford $19 to start a business.

Why do people get in their own way like that?

It is like being right next to a flowing river and yet acting like you’re dying of thirst.

I know full well there are people out there who legit may not be able to afford $19. But, in all honesty, they should probably have a job. Save a little money for a bit to invest in your new online business. There’s simply no way you’ll be able to do this for nothing. Cheap, yes. But, not nothing.

I’m not sitting here saying I have the answers. I honestly WISH I knew how to help 100% of my students get out of their own way. Usually, the ones that succeed are the ones who don’t do that.

Maybe I’ll figure it out one day.

But, here’s how I see it…

Money is plentiful. It is everywhere.

It isn’t a magical thing. It is nothing but a symbol of energy. And energy flows. It is flowing all around you every day. Loads and loads and LOADS of money.

It can flow to you. If you let it. And if you do something to insert yourself into the flow.

If you cannot flow money, it won’t come to you. If you cannot HAVE money, it will not flow to you. And, when I say “have” here, I don’t mean literally having it in your account. I’m talking about the mentalability to have it without a built-in scarcity. To have it without guilt. To be able to spend it. To be a terminal which flows money like the electricity it is rather than be a place money goes to die.

To make more money in 2018, here’s what you do…

  1. ​Find where the money is flowing.
  2. Find what they need and want.
  3. Do something of value that they’ll want. (insert yourself into the flow)
  4. Get some of the money. 🙂

But, here’s the funny trick…

To be able to make this happen, you have to be able to flow money, too. If you resist spending it, you’ll resist having it. That doesn’t mean you spend money stupidly, of course. But, you need to be able to do it. To watch people who have day jobs, a house, a car and eat food suddenly act as if $19/month to invest in a new business is unaffordable, then that’s what I mean. You can’t do that and make it.

The first step to having money is to be OK with not having it. To be able to spend it because you don’t have this built-in scarcity that tells you that you can’t get more.

Because you can get more. 🙂

Do you agree with me?

Or do you think I’m a nutball? 🙂

– David

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